Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Seven Questions with SJ: Alexandra Christian

Welcome back with another round of seven questions with Selah Janel! This month my victim is the lovely Alexandra Christian. I've known Lexxx for a while and am always in awe of how well she mixes romance with horror, erotica with smart characters, and sassy humor with everything. Here's what she had to say...

SJ: What author, living or dead, do you just want to punch in the face and take their place? Who has so much talent that you just can't stand it?

AC:Most definitely Stephen King.  If there was a demonic force that would allow me to switch evil genius brains with him, I would be hard pressed not to take him up on the offer.  King’s gift for description and characterization is something that I both envy and strive for. He’s what I measure myself and other authors by.  …but no pressure…

SJ: It’s your funeral, and the only thing people are talking about is your writing. What kind of creative legacy do you hope you leave behind?

AC: I would hope that people would say that I brought legitimacy to the erotic romance genre.  That my stories were not only sensual, but also smart, funny and well-crafted. 

SJ: Since you focus on erotica writers, do you think they're perceived as being really down-and-dirty, or all y'all just human like the rest of us?

AC: I think that there’s this fantasy that all erotic writers are one of two things.  Either we’re all these smoldering sexpots that write fictionalized versions of our own sexual escapades OR that we’re all crazy cat-ladies writing dirty books on our lunch breaks from our jobs at the local library.  I like to think that most of us are like me:  somewhere in between.  I am highly imaginative, sexy, flirty, smart, classy, goofy and generally a nice girl.  I think that if you write erotic romance or erotica, it’s kind of your responsibility to act like an intelligent, classy and talented author so that all of us will be taken seriously.  I have witnessed an awful lot of authors who put this “down and dirty” image out there and then get upset when they 1—get treated like a bimbette who is writing garbage and 2—get disgusting propositions from creepers on social media sites.  If you want to be taken seriously as an author then you have to project an image of being a serious author. 

SJ: If you were stranded on a desert island with three characters you've written, who would you: 1. want around to help you survive 2. want around to populate the island with 3. want around in case you need to resort to cannibalism.

AC: Hmmm…. I think I’d want Sascha from Beast of Burden to help me survive.  She’s such a strong and ingenuous person that I think she could help us slaughter animals for food and build a bamboo hut.  When I got ready to repopulate, I’m not sure who I’d pick.  I’ve written so many sexy heroes that I’d be hard pressed to choose.  Andre from the Strange Bedfellows series and Seth from Sanguine Kiss are amazing lovers with their vampire stamina, but of course, they wouldn’t be much good for repopulation.  And then Jack Leannan from Second Skin could help me spawn a race of Selkies that would take over the island.   As for resorting to cannibalism, Saraqael from my first novel, Hellsong, would be the best choice.  Duh—he’s an angel.  He’s got wings.  He could fly us right outta there….

SJ:What genre do you really want to write in that you haven't gotten a chance to yet?

AC: I’d really like a high fantasy.  Something straight out of Lord of the Rings with elves and dwarves.  I think the world-building would be so much fun.  Of course, for me the hardest part would be keeping the romance out of it…

SJ: What author do you feel is the hidden gem in the world today?

AC: You, of course, Selah! Seriously, I think that all of my writer friends are amazing talents that haven’t been fully realized by the world just yet.  I always gravitate toward people that are incredibly talented storytellers.  Tally Johnson, Susan H. Roddey, Crymsyn Hart, Selah Janel, Stephen Zimmer and Lucy Blue are among my favorite “unknowns.” 

SJ: Why MMP? What's your favorite part about working with them?

AC: I met the publisher at MMP, Nicole Kurtz, at a convention a few years ago.  She had such a clear vision about where she wanted MMP to go and the types of authors she was looking for that I immediately wanted to help her on the path to world domination.  She had a great business plan that was about being profitable for everyone, but also helping to nurture good authors.  My favorite part about working with MMP so far has been all of the wonderful people I’ve met who are so helpful and supportive.

To learn more about Lexxx's different titles, check out her blog!

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