Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mocha Memoirs Press & Coffee Time Romance $1.99 Sale

When two organizations both love coffee, you know they'll work well together. Such is the case between Mocha Memoirs Press and Coffee Time Romance. To celebrate the month of love, February and Valentine's Day, we're having a sale at Coffee Time Romance's ebook store. The Mocha Memoirs titles that are listed there are on sale for $1.99.

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Nicole Kurtz
Publisher-Mocha Memoirs Press

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Flavor: Interracial Fantasy from Raven Starr

Title: Separate, But Together
Author: Raven Starr
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Purchase Link:
Genre: interracial fantasy
ISBN: 978-0-9831934-5-6
Price: $2.99

Blurb: This is a sad tale of loves lost. In a Hartslst, a risky world, two people from different tribes fall in love. Kaali, from the East Falls Turtle Clan, falls hard for Sar’tac, a northlander. Only once yearly, or if in dire need, do the two clans ever meet. But from the moment Kaali saw Sar’tac her heart belonged to him. How long would she wait to see him again? Will another love steal her heart?

Kaali was known for getting into trouble, not on purpose you see, it usually followed her. Maybe it was the way her brain worked, like her grandmother always told her. She believed in the words of the people around her. If lies were to spill out of people’s mouths, then Kaali wished their tongues would have the same fate and fall out as well. Looking up again, she caught glimpse of several men starting to file off the ship and head right in her direction.
Kaali instantly pressed her back against the filthy stone blocks and held her breath. The strong scent of urine and animal dung reeking from behind the barrels made her gag.  She covered her mouth, not wanting to lose her breakfast on her feet. Not a sound did she make as they passed by her, their faded, fuzzy gray capes flew behind them like fabric wings. Their green slaves carried their wares. They had thicker blankets than her weaved one and shiny baubles boys would give to girls.
As the troupe passed, a young warrior stopped and stared at her. His strange blue eyes probed her doe brown eyes as she pleaded for him to keep her presence a secret.
“What’s there Sar’tac? Anything interesting?” a deep eerie voice bellowed.
“Nothing,” the young man called over his shoulder.
“Move along then. I want to see their women dance around the fire. After we eat I wish to pluck a few out and let them feel what a North Man can do.” Hearing the line, all the men burst out in infectious, but lustful, laughter that made Kaali shiver.
With a slight nod, Sar’tac traveled forward. By the time Kaali made it back to Tar-na she could tell her grandmother was two seconds from angry.
Kaali held up her hands. “First, let me explain.”
“Those are the northlanders. They live in the cold and rain, where the sun barely shines. They sell and trade people like cattle.” Tar-na spat on the ground. “Stay away from them, Kaali. They bring more than wares here believe you me. You know of the young one here called Fur?
Kaali nodded.
“His mother was smitten by one of them. They used her, and then traded her for someone else. Someone from another tribe heard about her being missing and the girl’s family had to buy her back, and by that time she was full of child.”
Kaali watched as the men set up their tents and began to mill around. The guards straightened their backs as they watched the strange Northers.
“Ow,” Kaali felt a hard tug on her long black hair. “What was that for, grandmother?” She asked, rubbing her scalp.
“I see the way your mind works, child. There are good men here for you.”
Kaali turned around. “Like who?”
Tar-na rocked back on her haunches and thought. “What about Derk? He is a powerful man and a good hunter.”
“And he is as ugly as a rock fish.” Kaali folded her arms.
Tar-na tried to hide her giggle. “That is very true. What about Jaguar Claw? He is both powerful and good-looking. I have heard him ask about you.”
Kaali shook her head. She turned to see Jaguar Claw surrounded by ladies, all of them touching his weapons and acting like giddy girls. Kaali cut her eyes away as soon as Jaguar caught her staring. He was good-looking but something in her soul told her he was not the one, at least not now. He loved the girl attention; he wasn’t so trustworthy. Again, Kaali stared at the Northers until she caught the eye of a certain boy and smiled.
To her utter surprise, he smiled back. He had a beautiful smile.

End Excerpt

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Release: LAZARUS: A GARY DRAKE MYSTERY by Michael LaRocca

Title: Lazarus: A Gary Drake Thriller
Author: Michael LaRocca
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Purchase Link:
Genre: Science fiction thriller/Mystery
ISBN: 978-0-9846093-7-6
E-book Price: $5.99
Print book Price: $12.59 


Gary Drake returns.

“After his death, Gary Drake’s life became more interesting.”

It would, wouldn’t it?

Drake’s still in prison, his family’s still dead, he still has AIDS, and he’s still one of the good guys. Well, more or less.

He’s also lost all memory of everything that’s happened to him since 1989, and he’s become a human guinea pig.

An ancient Chinese curse is “May you live in interesting times.”

The question is, how long will Gary Drake live this time?


After his death, Gary Drake’s life became more interesting.

When Drake opened his eyes, he saw that he was in a dingy beige room, its ugliness made worse by the choice of lighting. Everything appeared out of focus, including the white-clad person who stood before him. Drake felt more than saw his own flimsy gown. His bare legs and bottom rested on stiff sheets, beneath which were a hard thin mattress.

“Smells like a hospital. I take it you’re my doctor.”

The doctor tried to smile. It was a wasted gesture, which was fortunate because he failed miserably.

“Yes, I’m Doctor Nichols.”

“What’s wrong with my eyes?”

“That should clear up in a few minutes.”

“Is that why I’m here?”

“Part of the reason, yes. You took a quite a blow to the head.”

Drake paused a moment to digest the information.

“Is my name Gary Drake?”

“Yes, it is.”

“I’m a policeman in Durham, North Carolina. My brother is Matthew Drake Langhorn. My mother is Jo Drake. My wife is Cathy. George Bush is president. Am I right so far?”

“Um, yes...”

“Doc, I don’t have to see your face to know there’s something you’re not telling me.”

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Release--DRINK MY SOUL, PLEASE by Rie Sheridan Rose

Title: Drink My Soul, Please
Author: Rie Sheridan Rose
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Purchase Link:
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-9846093-8-3
Price: $2.50

Blurb: Daniscar Zenov has been a soldier longer than he was not. With the War over at last, all he wants to do is go home and marry the girl he loves. But in the war-torn future that is his reality, nothing is ever that simple...


The machine sat on the scarred oak counter...a tiny monitor with a battered keyboard. It looked so innocent, its cursor blinking steadily, a little green pulse tallying electronic heartbeats. A single word of text glowed on the screen invitingly. "Engage...?"

Daniscar Zenov jerked upright with a gasp, staring into the darkness.

Just another dream... He buried his face in his hands. Dear more dreams. more dreams.

Get your copy today from our storefront.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Congratulations to the Winners of the Mocha Memoirs Press Contest!

The following are winners of the Mocha Memoirs Press Publisher's Day at Coffee Time Romance yesterday. Thank you Raven Starr, Drea Riley, Janet Eckford and Serenity King for stopping by Coffee Time Romance's forum to post excerpts, discuss Mocha Memoirs Press and hang out. I appreciate it!

Now, on to the winners! They are:

1. Mortal Sinn-Winner of a Mocha Memoirs Press tote!
2. K. Sutton-Winner of an autographed poster of A HEALER'S BOND cover. Signed by RaeLynn Blue.
3. Judy Cox- Winner of a Mocha Memoirs Press teeshirt!
4. N.Tigner-Winner of a Mocha Memoirs Press journal!
5. T. Kleeman-Winner of a copy of A Healer's Bond.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  If you missed out on this contest, make sure to sign up and stop by the Mocha Memoirs Press cafe to abreast of contests ike this one.

Nicole Kurtz

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coffee Time Romance & Mocha Memoirs Press Contests-You Could Win!

Mocha Memoirs Press is participatin in the Bringing in the New Year with books and Coffee Time Romance & More event.  This event will be running from January 10 - February 10.

Our designated day is January 10th. So, beginning tomorrow, January 10th, you'll be able to post comments, read excerpts, and more. To get the rules for the contest and to participate in the forums for our Publisher day, you must go to

Coffee Time Romance is having a HUGE giveaway, but you'll have to go to our forums to find out what. ;-)

Nicole Kurtz

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Available Friday-Espresso Shot of Science Fiction-Program Completed

Title: Program Completed
Author: Miriam Ruff
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Purchase Link:
Genre: Science Fiction
Release Date: January 7, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9831934-3-2     
Price: $2.25
Blurb: Stationed on the remote Relay 4 asteroid communications station, Devon Fragoza faces a life and death struggle as a collision with a supply ship destroys his life support system. He has only one and a half hours to work with the computer, an artificial intelligence and Fragoza’s closest friend, to find a way to restore the system while at the same time facing the inevitability of his own mortality.

Stop by and check out our latest title.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Day's Release--Private Dick by Drea Riley and Laura Guevara

Title: Private Dick
Author: Dréa Riley and Laura Guevara
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press
Available: January 1, 2011 from
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-0-9831934-1-8
Price: $2.99
*This story was once apart of the anthology, RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT.

Blurb: Private investigating has long been dominated by men. Tracey has worked long and hard to make her place as a top gum shoe, often putting the boys to shame. Employing the best tactics Tracey is one of the best private detectives in the state. Following a lead on an important case, she meets her match in Avery Lamont, a local detective hunting a deviant criminal.

Avery Lamont is a damn good detective. So why couldn't he get his hands on the seductive and cunning female p.i. Not that he needs the distractions. He's hot on the trail of rapist.  But he'd love to catch more than just his perp. Tracey’s heart, for starters.

Tracey and Avery have their hands full in this fast, fun, and sexy adventure.


Tracey pilfered a few feathers from a passing boa as she quickly made her way into a crowded convention.  Darting into a powder room, she adjusted her disguise.  She used a small tube of deodorant to add some pretty convincing gray streaks to her wig before tying it back in a low bun. She then pulled out both brown and white eyeliner and a tube of foundation. With the makeup, she darkened her skin tone on her face, neck, arms and hands before ‘creating’ wrinkles by frowning into the mirror and lightly darkening the lines around her eyes and on her forehead with the brown liner.  She used the white one to make her brows appear gray.  Then she pulled out a thin piece of tulle she’d snagged from a centerpiece and, using bobby pins, made a cute half veil that covered her left eye. Adding the feathers from the boa, she looked like she fit right into the blue-haired sorority milling about and having a blast. The final touch was the button-up cardigan in matching pink that she’d snagged off the back of a chair in the dining hall. It was heavily scented with some seriously expensive perfume and a hint of Bengay.
Once she exited the powder room, Tracey looked exactly like one of the hundreds of aging women. She sat at the long wooden bar and mingled with the true belles of the south, lingering with a couple of women from the township of Awau. They weren’t old enough to be there, and it was obvious the two had crashed the party. She listened while they talked about the goings-on of the convention. One lady commented on all the nice shoes and handbags, and the other was intrigued by all the enhanced hair. That was Tracey’s cue to leave. She didn’t want to get busted about her wig, though she’d paid good money to make sure it would pass for real hair. She could tell those two were seconds from asking her where she’d bought it.
She excused herself and made her way to the front lobby before heading to the elevators. As the door closed, she caught a glimpse of Avery Lamont coming down the hall. He looked up at her and pulled his sunglasses off to get a better look. Tipping her head in a small bow, she flipped him the bird just as the doors of the elevator closed.