Sunday, August 6, 2017

Writer's Threads...

A great way to connect with other science fiction writers, to offer and gain critiques of writing style, promote and learn about upcoming projects and venues, is to join a writer's thread.

A thread in which I've participated  for a while now is the monthly Science Fiction Microstory Contest, currently accessible on Goodreads:

Each month,  participants submit short - short stories of 750 words or less.  Critiques and comments can be posted on accompanying sections.  At month's end, all participants vote on which story is their favorite.  The winner of the contest gets to choose the theme and required elements for the following month.  This month's theme is:  Alien Invasion.

It's a fun and constructive way to interact with other writers and sharpen one's own writing skill through critiques and discussion.  It's a great and diverse group. 

Though right now, we could use some new participants.  Some of the female writers have noted the largely male membership tends to lean towards stories of the "hard", technical variety, seldom voting for the more "fluid", psychological or "unconventional" stories.  The thread could definitely benefit from more participants, especially female writers.

I hope some of you will stop by, time permitting.  I think you'd find it an enjoyable and beneficial experience.  I have.