Monday, May 1, 2017

It's the First of May....

It's May, it's May...the lusty month of May...

It isn't May Day without Guinevere singing "The Lusty Month of May." (Of course, the Tysche side of me likes the NSFW tribute by Jonathon Coulton "First of May." And I DO mean NSFW. If you have small children around or an aversion to the word f**k DO NOT click this link. You have been warned.)

But what is it about May Day that inspires all these "wicked little thoughts"?

It is a time of celebration, that originally had a pagan significance as the First Day of Summer. It was celebrated by such festivities as the crowning of the May Queen and dancing around the Maypole.

Now most often relegated to the grounds of a Renaissance festival in the States, it is still actively celebrated in many European countries.

May Day was chosen as International Workers' Day in 1886, to commemorate the Haymarket Affair in Chicago.

It's a great time get down to business and be a little naughty -- read some of the great stories in Mocha's store, like Beauty and the Geek: The Princess and the Professor or C.A.K.E. The Complete Series.

And that's it for me this month. Happy May Day!