Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Women in Horror: The Top Ten!!!


The following stories have been chosen as the TOP TEN Flash Stories of 2016! These stories (pending various technical stuffs) will be compiled into a micro-anthology for use by the press. However, now we need YOUR VOTES to determine the winner of the GRAND PRIZE-- $20 Amazon GC!  So use the form below to find your favorite (CLICK THE TAB FOR WiH Flash Fiction Contest 2016)  and VOTE!!!!

The Top Ten Flash Fiction Finalists!

Diabolique by Tracy Vincent
Flightless Rats by James Dorr
Pickman's Model by Jason Ellis
Hell on Earth by Carrie Martin
The Damned by Melissa McArthur
Servant Girl Anihilator by Robert Perret
Staying by Myriah Strozykowsky
Hag by Marcia Wilson
What the Dollhouse Saw by Karen Bovenmeyer
Thin Ice by Marcia Colette


  1. Congrats everyone! I do not envy the judges. There were a lot of great stories in there.

  2. I loved the quality of my competition! I would like to PM my favorites after all of this and gush, quietly, how much I love their work.

    1. ME too! I just didn't know how I'd be able to do that.

  3. Myriah Strozykowsky's last name is spelled Strozykowski. {=

  4. I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of this!!!! Thank you so much!!! Small title and author last name spelling correction: What the Dollhouse Saw by Karen Bovenmeyer should be What the Dollhouse Said by Karen Bovenmyer.