Saturday, April 20, 2013

What the World Needs Now...

is love.

Over the last few days, misery, hate, violence, and all out death and destruction have been reported on the news. My heart grieves for those in West, Texas and those in Boston, Mass.

As the city of Boston, Watertown suburb was placed under their shelter and safety order, I thought of those locked in their homes. Then my mind turned to cabin fever.

Of course, when I think of cabin fever, I couldn't not think about the story I wrote with Shara Azod, Cabin Fever. This story isn't about death and violence, but about love--love between two married people whose relationship fire has fizzled. See blurb below:

Blurb: Uber-busy and highly successful Chanta Nicholson thought she had kept all her secret desires carefully tucked away in her diary. Her husband, Drew, while a good man, wouldn’t condone the type of lovemaking she wanted. She liked it rough and wild, but there was no way conservative, straight-laced Drew would even begin to understand her needs. Drew Nicholson could feel his wife slipping away from, hiding behind her cell phone calls and busy late nights at the office. There wasn’t any way he was going to let Chanta go, not without a serious intervention. He’d read her diary and knew what she needed. Most importantly, he knew how to give it to her. Locked in a cabin tucked away in the Canadian forest, Drew and Chanta can’t just kindle a fire, they must make their love burn like cabin fever. End Blurb
You may be wondering what my story has in common with the Boston Marathon and West, Texas tragedies.


Except that in moments like these, where evil seems to have won, I want to encourage people to love. Don't stop loving, being respectful, and living for and with each other. Remember, to love. My creative works encourages love across racial lines.

Dr. King once said that darkness can only be vanquished with light. Darkness cannot drive out darkness.


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