Saturday, April 27, 2013

Introducing an upcoming novel..."The Siren's Smile" by Jessica Housand-Weaver

If you saw my post last month on the 27th, you will remember that I published the genre-bending romance thriller “The Scream of the Siren” with Mocha Memoirs Press. Likewise, I have also published and won awards for various short stories and poetry. I am also an MFA graduate student in creative writing and expect big things in the future (You hear that? I need you readers!).
After reading "The Scream of the Siren" (and if you haven't read it yet, please do!), you may have found yourself speculating about the dark, brooding lover and antagonist, Alejandro. His character has an intense, obsessive quality driven in part by a tragic past in his native country as well as his damaging experiences with family, crime, and class in the states.While clues and hints are revealed in the "The Scream of the Siren" that enlighten us as to the source of his deep passion and volatile behavior, I found myself (at the behest of some fabulous readers) wanting to further explore Alejandro and cultivate the contradictions that make him so fascinating.  He is gorgeous, complex, mysterious, determined, and brilliant—all the potential to be the perfect soul-mate. 
So what happened? 
Who was Alejandro before he pursued the depressive Jen Hanover, and at what point did all the hatred from his experiences finally destroy the man and his potential? Could there have been another—a femme fatal with a tragic story of her own, so captivating and even sadistic that she helped to shape the love-mad Alejandro as revealed in "The Scream of the Siren"?
All these questions will be answered in "The Scream of the Siren’s" prequel, "The Siren’s Smile". I expect to have it finished by the end of the year at the very latest and will be revealing short excerpts during my blog posts on MMP's blogspot on the 27th of every month. 
Thank you for your time and please keep reading!

You can find Jessica's webpage at: for current news and publication information. You can also view her Facebook page at: or follow her on Twitter at: J_HW

You can find her debut thriller, “The Scream of the Siren” at 

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