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Seven Questions with SJ: Siobhan Kinkade!

Welcome back to my little sundry corner of MMP! This month it's Siobhan Kinkade in the seven questions hot seat! Disclaimer: We've been friends a while so I have no problem asking her ridiculous questions at the last minute, just as she has no problem harassing me by sending me blank emails in reply at the last minute. Gotta love those kinds of friendships, eh?

1.     SJ: Tell us the best story of when one of your cats interrupted your writing or did something so ridiculous that something happened to interrupt your work. 

SK: My blond cat, Biffin, used to wait until I’d written pages and pages before randomly coming over to plant himself on my keyboard under the guise of “wanting attention”. At the time he weighed around fourteen pounds, so one of two things would happen: either he’d add pages of unnecessary characters or he’d hit the magic combination of keys and delete all my work. That cat really was a menace to my writing career, and I wish he was still here to torment me.

2.     SJ:  If you were sent back in time to write in an old-fashioned way (quill and parchment, travelling minstrel, interpretive dance around a fire, cave painting, talking around the dinner table, etc), and you had to write in that method for the rest of your life, what time period/writing method would you choose?

SK: This is probably the most insane question I’ve ever been asked, but it’s also one of the best. While I love the idea of quill and parchment (just because I like the physical act of writing), I’m partial to the concept of the Symposium. I think Plato was onto something when he had lavish dinners then let crackpots sit around and tell stories. The musings of philosophers greatly entertain me.

 SJ:  What's the best piece of advice you've gotten as a writer?

SK: Stop talking about being a writer and WRITE THE BOOK.

It’s one that I feel compelled to pass on to everyone that says s/he wants to be a writer.

 SJ: What's the piece of writing advice you feel is outdated or unnecessary?

SK: I don’t know that it’s necessarily a piece of advice, but I definitely feel that those who think an agent is required for literary success are living a little in the past. With the advent of e-publishing and the explosion of independent presses (hence, MMP!) it’s much easier for those who truly want to get into the writing game to do so. Agents are nice because they’re the “easy” ticket into the Big Six game, but I really don’t think that’s necessary anymore. There are too many of us on the independent level that probably wouldn’t have been given a chance if we went the traditional route.

5.      SJ: If you had to spend eternity on a desert island with one of your characters (either for company or a food source), who would it be?

SK: Good question. It’s very possible that I’d choose Rowan Keir. He’s big and sexy and chivalrous. Oh, and a shapeshifter that’s a direct descendent of a character from Nordic legend. And he’d either fish for me or find a way off the island so we could get a cheeseburger.

6.      SJ: If you had to let another writer play in one of your universes, who would it be and what book/writing universe?

SK: This one is a little tricky. Having long, long ago (in a kingdom far, far away) dabbled in the fan fiction realm I now have a new appreciation for copyright law and the dangers of fan fiction. Personally I don’t think I’d be brave enough to turn my world over to any prolific author – not because I think I’m too good, but because I think any one of them would look at the mess that pours from my head and die laughing. However, if you, Selah, choose to write trashy fan fiction about my characters, I’d be honored. And use it for blackmail at a later date. (Ed. - I would like to point out here publicly and to MMP that Siobhan has now given me complete public permission to write in and destroy her creations...I'm just saying that we need to make the most of this, Nicole...)

7.      SJ: Favorite thing about being a Mocha Memoirs Press author?

SK: I have to pick just one? I don’t know if I can! I love the laid-back atmosphere and the friendliness and eagerness to help of other MMP authors. Plus Nicole is really sort of an awesome publisher (and a pretty good friend, but I’m not sure I’m allowed to admit that here).

 And since Siobhan was kind enough to put up with me and I guess I like her or something (just don't tell her), I wanted to share her work with the world!

 Steamy Mocha Shot from the 31 Days of Steamy Mocha Celebration.

Michael remembers Shayna and her love of coffee among other things.


Available Now from
Mocha Memoirs Press

About the Author:

She was naked.

Moonlight streamed through the plate glass windows, bathing the loft apartment with a soft, ethereal glow. Deep shadows lurked behind brilliant highlights of white-blue light, throwing the dimensions of the open rooms off by what appeared to be miles. Michael stood in the doorway of the bedroom and watched her – her long, lean body swaying from side to side as she moved around the kitchen. She was a goddess in the dark, her rich, nut-brown skin shimmering silver as she danced on air-light feet across the pale marble tile.
She was a nymph. A siren. A mirage. A dream.
His dream.
The sharp, uneven sound of the high-end coffee maker on the counter filled the silence between them, and the scent of fresh-ground coffee wafted across the room. A moment later the happy gurgling of hot water drove away the harsh noise, followed by a deep inhale and the soft murmur of appreciation. As the coffee brewed she continued to slide around the kitchen, opening cabinets overhead and bending to check drawers. With each new movement a different part of her body swayed, showcasing her supple curves and soft skin. The gently rounded mounds of her breasts swept forward and down when she bent at the waist to examine the coffee mugs on one of the lower shelves. When she knelt to retrieve her cup of choice, the muscles in her thighs and calves tightened, adding further depth and dimension to the fine dimples on her rear.
He inhaled sharply through his nose, the sight of his svelte and dark-skinned queen gloriously overwhelming. He looked down at his own pale body, washed out to a muted gray in the moonlight, and wondered briefly why she chose him. Why she willingly approached him and invited him not only to dinner but back to her home. They were relative strangers, brought together only by a few hours of conversation over dinner and coffee. Looking at her now he appreciated his luck. Shayna, the long and lanky, dark-skinned woman with intelligent amber eyes, was so far above him. A woman of that magnitude deserved much more than his modest lifestyle. She deserved to be pampered, to be worshipped and adored by all, not just by the ghost of a man who haunted her bedroom door.
If she caught him standing there would she keep him or would she turn him out into the cold and unforgiving night? Thoughts raced through his head, pinging back and forth like rubber bullets as he stared at the achingly beautiful woman.


Thanks to Siobhan for not only agreeing to be my victim, but also for forgetting to include a prompt so I don't have to write anything this month! <g> That being said, I hope everyone will check out her awesome title and check out her links to learn more about her. See you next month!

- Selah Janel

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