Saturday, April 13, 2013

SK Presents: "Alicia" by E.A. Black

Morning, everyone! Siobhan here, back with aa brand new set of questions on a new book. First we talk about the new book - E.A. Black's DARK MOCHA BITE, Alicia. After that I'll tell you more about it and where to get it. Ready to play?


Q&A #2:
Dark Mocha Bites (Horror)

1. Who is Alicia?

2. Alicia asks Eric for a favor. What is it?

3. Alicia tells Eric she's staying in a specific hotel room at the local Marriott. What's the significance of that room?

4.When Eric goes to find Alicia the next day at her house, what does he learn about her?

5. How does Eric help Alicia?

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When the love of his life, Alicia, calls him in the middle of the night to report she had been raped, Eric drops everything to come to her rescue. She takes him on an eerie ride through turbulent hours he can't quite comprehend. Alicia may need his help, but her situation is not what it seems.


Tune in next month for a new book and all new questions!

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