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Happy Holidays from Mocha Memoirs Press

Happy Holidays from Mocha Memoirs Press to you!

With only four more shopping days, I invite you to purchase our e-books for all of your Kindle Fires, Nooks, and tablets. Most of our title are less than $3.99, so your dollar goes farther. All of our current titles are available via

2012 is going to be an exciting year for us at Mocha Memoirs Press. We have some serious action-packed stories, hot, sizzling romances, and hair-watching horror stories set to be available the first two months of the year. Please continue to stay updated by subscribing to this blog and by signing up for our Yahoo group.

Again, Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Nicole Givens Kurtz

Saturday, October 29, 2011

SpookTACULAR Stories to Spice Up Your Halloween!

We have some thrilling, scary, and spicy stories to help your Halloween weekend! Try the following stories for exciting, thrilling, hair-raising fun!

Artist, Evangeline Mensah is slowly losing the mind beneath her afro. A part of it has to do with rock star, Gabriel Walker strolling his fine self into her exhibition, after giving her the best night of her life and looking quite determined to do so again. The other part is all about the strange things happening to her home and the dreams she’s having. Dreams that make her feel really odd around cool, fashion photographer Michael Lee. Not to mention they feature women who turn up dead.
Instinct and an over protective Gabriel warn her to steer clear of Michael but there is something so familiar about Michael, she can’t help but be drawn to him regardless that darkness seems to be surrounding him. And it’s just coincidence that he just happens to live one solitary floor above her own home. That’s all. Coincidence.

Jen Hanover, depressed and reclusive after her husband's suicide, finds her life changed forever when she meets a mysterious, brooding rebel named Alejandro. At first, he seems to be exactly what Jen needs. But things quickly spiral out of control as Alejandro reveals the frightening extent of his obsessive nature and violent past. Desperate to end the dangerous affair, Jen is determined to be free of him. Yet the more she tries to escape from Alejandro's passionate clutches, the more threatening he becomes. The story unravels with heart-pounding suspense as Jen finds herself up against a criminal mind, far more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. In the end, Jen discovers not only the darkest truths about love and the human condition, but must also face the lurking demons within herself.

 A disfigured man develops a friendship over the Internet, but when the two finally meet, events take a surprising turn.
The Journal of a Man in Love are short stories that chronicles the private thoughts and actions of a man completely, totally and utterly in love with his woman. Written completely from a male point of view, take a peek inside what's in a man's heart and mind.

Monday, September 19, 2011

BARON BATCH: diary 33 (The Beauty of Scars)

BARON BATCH: diary 33 (The Beauty of Scars): It’s been about 3 weeks since I had surgery to repair my ACL. Surgery went great and I appreciate everyone’s thoughts ...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Beauty & the Geek Title: Hidden Depths by Reana Malori

We’re pleased to announce the publication of another fantastic story in our Beauty & the Geek series. Talented interracial author, Reana Malori, has penned a fun and sensual story of beauty and geekdom in Beauty & the Geek: Hidden Depths. 

Blurb: Roxanne Barnes is beautiful, but a certified klutz. Adam Marshall is a recovering jock and who now proudly proclaims his geek status from the highest mountain. At a conference full of people who have alphabet soup letters behind their names, two former high school classmates realize you cannot always judge a book by its cover. The beautiful, but shy wallflower who transformed into a butterfly and the confident jock that morphed into a certified geek find passion and desire in each other’s arms.

Will they find that once just isn’t enough as they explore what’s hidden beneath the surface?

End Blurb.

Grab a copy today!

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Get Our Science Fiction Sampler for FREE!

Mocha Memoirs Press would like to invite you down for a free cup of our science fiction stories. Enclosed in our sampler are the first chapters of novels and the first scenes of our espresso shots. You can download the sampler for free at .

The print edition is not free, but you can grab it in print edition for $6.32 plus shipping and handling.

Enjoy! You're encouraged to share the free download with others. Tweet It. Tell your friends on facebook, and share the pot of science fiction flavor.

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New Website! Mocha has a new home.

Mocha Memoirs Press is pleased to announce their new home on the web. We have officially moved to our new home,

We invite you to stop by our open house, check out our new digs, and bookmark it!

Nicole Kurtz

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Release: Cabin Fever by Shara Azod & Raelynn Blue

Title: Cabin Fever
Authors: Shara Azod and RaeLynn Blue
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Purchase Link:
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Interracial Romance
ISBN: 978-1-257-85183-6
Price: $2.99

Blurb: Uber-busy and highly successful Chanta Nicholson thought she had kept all her secret desires carefully tucked away in her diary. Her husband, Drew, while a good man, wouldn’t condone the type of lovemaking she wanted. She liked it rough and wild, but there was no way conservative, straight-laced Drew would even begin to understand her needs. Drew Nicholson could feel his wife slipping away from, hiding behind her cell phone calls and busy late nights at the office. There wasn’t any way he was going to let Chanta go, not without a serious intervention. He’d read her diary and knew what she needed. Most importantly, he knew how to give it to her. Locked in a cabin tucked away in the Canadian forest, Drew and Chanta can’t just kindle a fire, they must make their love burn like cabin fever.


                “Where the hell are we?” Chanta asked. The arch of her delicately plucked eyebrows huddled together in a “v” above her chocolate-brown eyes. With her make-up immaculate and understated, she put any model to absolute ruin. Even frowning, Chanta could cause a traffic jam and a serious six-car pileup. “That doesn’t look like a fabulous island resort, Drew.”
                Drew Nicholson watched his wife silently. Sure he could appease her. Hell, he wanted to, but he stayed silent instead, knowing she would soon either be on the phone with her assistant or typing messages on her blackberry. It was difficult to get and hold her attention these days. He didn’t begrudge her success, Lord knows she worked hard to get where she was at. It just seemed like the higher she climbed the farther apart they grew. He would do anything to rekindle their passion for one another.
                “Drew?” she asked, turning in the seat to face him fully. “Didn’t you hear me?”
                “Yes, of course...” he started.
                She waved him off as her Blackberry began to sing. “Hold that thought.”
                The phone back on her ear, Chanta turned away, putting her back to him.
                Drew liked her back, but he’d seen far too much of it lately.  He tapped his foot in time to the stream of soft classical music pouring from the limo’s superior surround sound.  His mind wandered back to the discovery he had made recently, the discovery that led to this impromptu vacation. Against the bubble of music and his wife’s voice, he recalled discovering her diary buried underneath old shoe boxes in the walk-in closet. The discovery had made him forget what he had originally been looking for. Hell, he still didn’t remember. 
She gestured with her hands, hands he knew itched to be tied to the posts of their four poster queen. Oh, she’d yet to vocalize something so intimate to him, but he’d read her diary—and it outlined her fantasies. He had often dreamed of such things, but was always trepidacious to mention it to his conservative, buttoned up wife. She had been so wild and free once, when they first married. But somewhere along the line sex had become perfunctory and rare. Now, here, at the Vette Resort, he meant to give her just what she been too shy to tell him—her fantasy made real. Just thinking of the things he had planned made him hard as hell. He had to sit at an awkward angle so she wouldn’t see the log that had grown in his slacks.  The thought of Chanta flushed with passion, sweating and panting the way she used to.
Shit, the anticipation was killing him.
                Just the two of them in a cabin with unlimited access to room service should be sufficient for his plan to work. The equipment he’d brought along, carefully hidden in the suitcase she believed carried her vast and varied wardrobe, made small beads of sweat form on his brow.  If he had his way, his wife would be wearing very little during their stay here. Oh, she would pitch a fit when she found the designer “vacation” clothes were still at home in an identical suitcase, but if it went well she just might forgive him.
                Lord, he prayed she would. They just couldn’t keep going on the way they had been. It was like sleeping with a stranger. The only thing she ever got excited about was the latest deal. Like now, on the phone with her prissy assistant—man he really could barely tolerate that woman—going over some red-hot deal that had to be taken care of right away. With the real estate slump, Chanta was quick to jump on a deal. Apparently, even when they were supposed to be relaxing and rekindling the dying flame that was their marriage.
                He had plans for that Blackberry of hers. Just as soon as they arrived.
                “Sir, we have reached the cabin.” The limo driver’s announcement came right on time. The consistent chatter about the buyer and closing costs was quickly starting to work on his last nerve.
                “Drew this cannot be the cabin.” Well at least Chanta had managed to pull herself away from the all-too important phone call long enough to peer out the window at the log cabin.
                The isolated log cabin. Just down the dirt road was a much larger, all-inclusive resort, but he had no intentions of letting Chanta know that. She would be out of here and ensconced in a suite and on her laptop in a heartbeat. Too bad the cabin didn’t have internet and wouldn’t you know it, he had forgotten to pick up the mobile internet device she had left by the front door. Oops.
                “You have got to be kidding me,” Chanta groused climbing out of the limo, ignoring his outstretched hand of course.
                That would change damn it. He loved this woman, more than he thought possible to love anyone. He was bound and determined to show it, to let make her let him show it.
                “It is right on the beach, Chanta and it’s cozy. This is supposed to be romantic remember?”
                He reached down to kiss her, but she turned her head, already back on the phone, so he ended up kissing her cheek. Ah, well. There was time to get her to see HIM for a change, and he was going to use it.
                “I cannot believe this. I will be online in a few. I will email you a new proposal, but do not use it unless he waffles. This is a sweetheart deal, damn it. He had just better realize it.”
                No she wouldn’t, but Drew kept his mouth shut, helping the driver inside with luggage after Chanta’s wake. His wife never simply walked anywhere. She had this stride where her hips swung ever so gently from side to side. He cast one warning glance at the driver who quickly averted his eyes and watched in earnest himself. Still as fine as the day he married her.
                “Now I know you are kidding!” Chanta had hung up the phone and was standing in the middle of the one-room cabin, mouth agape.
                There might have only been one room, other than the restroom, complete with a huge garden tub she had yet to see, but the space was huge. The California king bed, complete with a very nice, sturdy wrought iron headboard sat in one corner. There was a fireplace complete with bearskin rug and assorted pillows, a large overstuffed couch, and even a large kitchen area. Their meals would be delivered of course, but the kitchen was stocked with all sorts of gourmet snacks. It was perfect. No desk, no television, nothing to distract from the main point.
                “I am not staying here.” Chanta pivoted on a heel, a move she had perfected recently, hands on her hips. “So you can take the luggage right back to the limo now.”
                Drew smiled. His first genuine smile in a while. He tipped the driver and saw him to the door.
                “Drew, did you understand what I just said to you?”
“Yeah, baby I heard you, but we aren’t going anywhere.”
End excerpt
Download a copy from ARe or from our storefront.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Two New Releases to Read During April's Showers

Blurb: Dating can be deadly... On the futuristic planet Tyrol, a beautiful, black assassin searching for pleasure has her life turned inside out in.

The Vingin are a peaceful species, who are genetically incapable of violence. Humans and Zirans are their protectors. While Humans have shown a frightening appetite for violence, they have never reveled in it the way that their alien counterparts have. For Zirans are a brutal species with a lust for war. Human and Ziran muscle managed to defeat a horde of genocidal aggressors. But the aftermath of this struggle bears no promise of lasting peace. Storm clouds of treachery are brewing, and the shaky bonds that held this tripartite alliance together are unraveling. The tempest of a new war is erupting. Lev Gorlin, a hard-bitten veteran of the last war, must once again stand firm in the face of a new threat...

You can purchase both of these awesome, action packed titles from our storefront.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Thriller! The Scream of the SIren by Jessica Housand-Weaver

If you like a thriller, than no author we have weaves a better tale than Jessica Housand-Weaver.  Her latest release, The Scream of the Siren, is a psychological thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat and double checking your locks when its over. This isn't your 80s campy, ketchup-blood horror. This is a cerebral thriller. We invite you to put your courage to its sticking place and try it today.

ISBN: 978-0-9831934-6-3
Genre: Psychological Thriller/Horror
Blurb: Jen Hanover, depressed and reclusive after her husband's suicide, finds her life changed forever when she meets a mysterious, brooding rebel named Alejandro. At first, he seems to be exactly what Jen needs. But things quickly spiral out of control as Alejandro reveals the frightening extent of his obsessive nature and violent past. Desperate to end the dangerous affair, Jen is determined to be free of him. Yet the more she tries to escape from Alejandro's passionate clutches, the more threatening he becomes. The story unravels with heart-pounding suspense as Jen finds herself up against a criminal mind, far more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. In the end, Jen discovers not only the darkest truths about love and the human condition, but must also face the lurking demons within herself. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Release: Secret of the Tunnel Behind Van Gogh's Ear

Mocha Memoirs Press is excited to announce the release of our latest science fiction/humor story, Secret of the Tunnel Behind Van Gogh's Ear. We're proud of our speculative titles and we invite each of you to try our stellar sf titles.

Stand-up-comedian turned restaurateur, Herman Tushman, attempts to prolong his life following a cancer diagnosis by allowing scientists to build a mysterious Creationizer machine in the basement of his Chez Pentecostal restaurant. Before the machine is completed, all scientists save one die strangely. Convinced he's next, Herman becomes hyper-vigilant, but dies anyway, perhaps murdered. Using cryptic clues Herman left behind, his computer-savvy wife, Miriam, programs the Creationizer to rebirth her husband. But the machine misfires, and Herman materializes not on earth, but inside a cyberspace video game populated by gang bangers. To rescue Herman and expose the conspirators behind his death, Miriam enlists the support of her slovenly, sexpot daughter, Rose, and Rose’s teen daughter, Popcorn. The trio confront assorted real and surreal, life-threatening challenges from oddball nasties whose connections to Herman’s life, death, and cyberspace predicament remain a mystery until the shocking end.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Look What Miriam just released...If Only

Title: If Only
Author: Miriam Ruff
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Purchase Link:
Genre: Psychological Horror
ISBN: 978-0-9831934-7-0
Price: 42.99

Blurb: A disfigured man develops a friendship over the Internet, but when the two finally meet, events take a surprising turn.


Nathan’s workstation was clean, as if it were prized above all his other possessions; the rest of the room was a disaster. Clothes, disks, and empty food wrappers lay everywhere in disarray, the shelves bent under the strain of the books heaped on them, and numerous bottles of pills covered the counter top. Under piles of clothes in another corner of the room stood a television and a radio, both blaring loudly, but tuned to nothing in particular; they were simply a source of white noise to fill the room. Yet oddly enough, there were no mirrors, as if the apartment hid a man who did not want to be seen in the light, even by himself. Of average height and build, with brown hair and wearing a T-shirt and jeans, he seemed in many ways the most unremarkable object in the entire space.
His computer, though, sported numerous remarkable enhancements, including digital and
Web-based cameras, specialized software, a voice synthesizer box which was now silent, and a video transmitter. With a movement that looked like a fluid cross between a rock star and a talk show host, Nathan leaped in front of the computer, turned it on, and grabbed a laser pen from the desk. Pretending it was a microphone, he spoke into it, his hands gesticulating wildly and expressively, his voice resonating – a strong, captivating, well-modulated sound.
“And here we are, live once again, with our fabulous host Nathan Drake. Handsome, suave, debonair, men envy him; women love him. He’s every kid’s dream come true, and he’ll take you on an unforgettable journey into realms no one’s ever explored. Ladies and gentlemen, here with his Pentium dream machine, is Nathan Drake!”

Monday, March 7, 2011

Congratulations to Janet Eckford!

We'd like to congratulate one of our amazing authors, Janet Eckford, for receiving 4.5 from Bookwenches. Here's a brief excerpt from the review. To read the entire review, go here.

"I Heart Geeks is absolutely adorable. Take some humor, a sexy Geek, a gorgeous Geek-lover, and roll it all into one, and you come up with a winner. This story grabbed me, tickled my funny bone, and made me thankful I picked this up to read. It is well-written with quirky twists that just make it fun....Ms. Eckford has done a wonderful job telling a story that is feel-good and sassy. I will be hunting down more of her work soon."--Teagan Boyd
Congratulations, Janet. We're super proud of you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Release in Our Beauty & the Geek Series..Rocket to Love

Here at Mocha Memoirs Press, we aim to provide quality stories. One of our series we enjoy the most is our Beauty & the Geek series. The first one, Beauty & the Geek: I Heart Geeks by Janet Eckford, is a sweet, but incrediblely hot story. Now, added with RaeLynn Blue's sizzling Rocket to Love, this is one series that keeps aiming for the moon and landing in the stars!
--Nicole Kurtz

Title: Beauty & the Geek: Rocket to Love
Author: RaeLynn Blue
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Purchase Link:
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-0-9831934-8-7
Price:  3.99
Blurb: While recreational shopping, Jewel Isles and her friends discover all kinds of deals and steals at the Atlanta Shoe and Purse Expo. While relaxing in the restaurant of a neighboring hotel, Jewel heads to the ladies room, but nearly trips over a geeky, but surprisingly handsome man.
Ben Wook Sun, NASA scientist and Star Trek® lover, didn’t understand why beautiful women like Jewel Isles insisted on dating men who lacked intellectual depth. Adjusting his black-rimmed glasses, Ben made the conscious decision to convince Jewel that he was the best for her—period. It didn’t take a muscle-bound brute to scoop her up and whisk her away. He was more than capable.
But first, he had to get her to go out on a date with him. Astrophysics, this wasn’t.
                “Good one, Anderson!” Ben shouted back and rolled his eyes. He tapped the rim of his shot glass. “One more, please.”               
                The bartender nodded. He refilled Ben’s tequila and sloshed it a bit.
                “Hey!” shouted Race, his fellow scientist.
                The bartender, a big beefy man with a lot of facial hair growled at Race. “Shut that hole, nerd.”
                “Yeah, well, your momma!” Race shouted back.
                “Race!” Ben snatched the wiry scientist by the collar and out of the bartender’s face. He said to the hunk of ancient human DNA serving drinks.  “Ignore him. He’s had a lot to drink.”
                “I could’ve handled it,” slurred Race, hiccuping to punctuate the sentence. Unfocused eyes roamed all over the place.
                “I think you need to be cut off. You’ve had way too much,” Ben said.
“Whoa!” Race ignored Ben’s advice and fell to the floor, banging into a few of the other scientists. They yelled at him, but quickly went back to chatting about whatever suited their fancies. Race clamored, clumsily rising to a standing position. 
With eyes wide, Race said to Ben. “Did you see them?”
                Ben followed Race’s blatant stare to a trio of women who strolled into the restaurant. The scent of floral and expensive perfumes still lingered on the otherwise stale air. Sun-kissed skin, strappy sandals, and long cinnamon-toned legs dressed in brightly colored sundresses. Goodness, he loved summer. Oversized sunglasses pushed into shiny, full hair completed what Ben could only describe as beauty dipped in sunlight.
                No wonder Race fell over.
                “I do now,” Ben said and reached over to close Race’s gaping mouth. “Good call.”
                “Damn. That’s one hot rocket, huh? I’d like to launch her blasters,” Race commented.
                “Which one?”
“The one in blue,” Race said.
“Wookie, those women are gorgeous, like that Beyoncé. African-American women are so gorgeous. Stunning. The one in the pretty blue, she could launch my rocket.”
                “Kill the rocket jokes,” Ben said, hearing Race’s slur on the s.
                Ben saw her. The average pronoun couldn’t even begin to convey the extraordinary woman in red. He wiped his hands across his khakis. Red had been a good choice because she was a firecracker. Cinnamon brushed legs went on forever. Ben’s heart actually skipped a beat. Then another. Could be the tequila.
                The woman’s ka-pow landed a huge wallop on him.
                “Wow,” Race said again.
                “Those kinds of women are all about money,” Ben countered.
                Race shrugged. “We got money, well, except for Thomas, but his ex-wife took half.”
                Ben tossed back the dark amber liquid. The shock of the burn acted like lightning. More awake, he tried to blink back the weary vision. No doubt. He’d had way too much to drink. Probably shouldn’t have started with beer. No. He should’ve stuck to beer.
                “Yeah, we have money, but women like them don’t date guys like us.”
                “We’re not some other species, though that didn’t hurt Captain Kirk’s chances at all,” Race countered.
                Ben nodded.
                He could do complex equations in his head, but he’d never understand why woman wanted dumb mates. All brawn, but no brains. Ben shook his head.
                “Brad Pitt we aren’t, Race.”
                Race’s expression fell. “Yeah.”
                Their moods sobered, Ben pushed back from the bar, rotating the stool around and putting his back to the bartender.
“Look, I’m going to hit the sack. I’ve got that panel at 8 a.m. on Astrodynamics.”
                Race’s unfocused eyes met his, but then slid back to the women sitting in a booth. Only the tops of their heads could be seen from his position now, but one of the women, dressed in a scarlet red dress, held his attention. Even if the only thing he could see was the top of her curly ponytail.
                “Yeah, sure? I’m on the same one, so call me to wake me up,” Race said, or that’s what Ben thought he said. “Will you, Wookie?”
                “I’m not your mother. Get a wakeup call.”
                With that, Ben clapped Race on the shoulder, threw a fifty on the bar, nodded to the bartender to keep the change, and headed out of the restaurant and out of the thundering noise of the television, the shrieks of drunken laughter, and the roars of multiple conversations. The world spun sluggishly. Steadying himself by using the wooden stools and his co-workers’ shoulders, Ben made his way toward the exit. Race had been pulled into the circle of remaining associates at the bar. Ben heard him lamenting the loss of an old computer, a Commodore 64, his mom threw out two decades ago. Frowning at the lot of them, Ben realized no one would be at his panel. They’d all be hung over.
                He smirked.
                That was if he made it.
                Most of his coworkers could talk about any aspects of rocket science in their sleep. World experts, most of his friends had a life of lecture, academia, and books. Few married. When they did, Thomas happened. A woman would divorce him because she couldn’t compete with being married to one of the world’s smartest men. At 36, Ben had a lot of life left. Sure, not all the scientists were male. Quite a few of the most brilliant minds on the planet were women. So, he had his flings, but those faded fast, dissolved by the acidic strength of competition. He didn’t date other scientists any more.
                “Hey, Wookie!” Race shouted.
Ben turned and the step that should’ve been there suddenly wasn’t, and he fell. His glasses clattered against the tile and out of reach. Everything blurred without his glasses and all he could make out of the fuzzy blobs were shades of scarlet and nutmeg.
Then, a heavenly voice, tinted with a sexy husk, asked, “Did that guy just call you a wookiee?”

Friday, February 11, 2011

Alone this Valentine's Day Weekend? Fall in love with our titles...‏

HI! Raelynn Blue here! Mocha Memoirs Press and I don't want you to be lonely this Valentine Day's weekend. We invite you to snuggle up close to our sizzling stories of romance!

Journal of a Man in Love: Halloween & Journal of a Man in Love: Movie Night- Author Zade Ryar opens more of his intimate journal of love and desire for readers. Want to know how a man truly, deeply, wholly in love with his woman feels and thinks? Be seduced by his adoration of Allie, his muse and his match.

Private Dick-Mystery and desire collide in this hot sizzler from dynamic duo Drea Riley and Laura Guevara! Grab this one with its sister story, Operative Attraction. Both stories are interacting and involve the lure of mystery, suspense and erotic romance!

Beauty & the Geek: I Heart Geeks-First release of our Beauty & the Geek series, I Heart Geeks is a fantastic story of geekdom and love. If you like geeks and love erotic romance, this I/R hottie is for you!

If these titles don't get your heart pumping, we have plenty more choices--better than a box of chocolates.


RaeLynn Blue

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Spicy Flavors--From a Man in Love

A lot of Valentine's Day is focused on women--the flowers, the roses, and the gifts. Romance author, Zade Ryar, wants you to know what being love is like from a man's perspective. In his on-going series, Zade shares more of his journal with you. He talks about his romance with Allie on Halloween and during an especially sizzling movie night.

Need a little fire and heat during the cold months of winter? Try these two spicy flavors today!

Purchase them from our storefront.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mocha Memoirs Press & Coffee Time Romance $1.99 Sale

When two organizations both love coffee, you know they'll work well together. Such is the case between Mocha Memoirs Press and Coffee Time Romance. To celebrate the month of love, February and Valentine's Day, we're having a sale at Coffee Time Romance's ebook store. The Mocha Memoirs titles that are listed there are on sale for $1.99.

You read that right, $1.99! Some of our titles are up to 72% off! You can't pass this deal up. Visit here: to grab a lot of $1.99 books visit Coffee Time Romance.

Not all the titles are romance, a few of our sf and fantasy titles are on sale too.
So if you've been wanting to sip a new flavor or three, go to Coffee Time Romance's ebookstore today.

Nicole Kurtz
Publisher-Mocha Memoirs Press

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Flavor: Interracial Fantasy from Raven Starr

Title: Separate, But Together
Author: Raven Starr
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Purchase Link:
Genre: interracial fantasy
ISBN: 978-0-9831934-5-6
Price: $2.99

Blurb: This is a sad tale of loves lost. In a Hartslst, a risky world, two people from different tribes fall in love. Kaali, from the East Falls Turtle Clan, falls hard for Sar’tac, a northlander. Only once yearly, or if in dire need, do the two clans ever meet. But from the moment Kaali saw Sar’tac her heart belonged to him. How long would she wait to see him again? Will another love steal her heart?

Kaali was known for getting into trouble, not on purpose you see, it usually followed her. Maybe it was the way her brain worked, like her grandmother always told her. She believed in the words of the people around her. If lies were to spill out of people’s mouths, then Kaali wished their tongues would have the same fate and fall out as well. Looking up again, she caught glimpse of several men starting to file off the ship and head right in her direction.
Kaali instantly pressed her back against the filthy stone blocks and held her breath. The strong scent of urine and animal dung reeking from behind the barrels made her gag.  She covered her mouth, not wanting to lose her breakfast on her feet. Not a sound did she make as they passed by her, their faded, fuzzy gray capes flew behind them like fabric wings. Their green slaves carried their wares. They had thicker blankets than her weaved one and shiny baubles boys would give to girls.
As the troupe passed, a young warrior stopped and stared at her. His strange blue eyes probed her doe brown eyes as she pleaded for him to keep her presence a secret.
“What’s there Sar’tac? Anything interesting?” a deep eerie voice bellowed.
“Nothing,” the young man called over his shoulder.
“Move along then. I want to see their women dance around the fire. After we eat I wish to pluck a few out and let them feel what a North Man can do.” Hearing the line, all the men burst out in infectious, but lustful, laughter that made Kaali shiver.
With a slight nod, Sar’tac traveled forward. By the time Kaali made it back to Tar-na she could tell her grandmother was two seconds from angry.
Kaali held up her hands. “First, let me explain.”
“Those are the northlanders. They live in the cold and rain, where the sun barely shines. They sell and trade people like cattle.” Tar-na spat on the ground. “Stay away from them, Kaali. They bring more than wares here believe you me. You know of the young one here called Fur?
Kaali nodded.
“His mother was smitten by one of them. They used her, and then traded her for someone else. Someone from another tribe heard about her being missing and the girl’s family had to buy her back, and by that time she was full of child.”
Kaali watched as the men set up their tents and began to mill around. The guards straightened their backs as they watched the strange Northers.
“Ow,” Kaali felt a hard tug on her long black hair. “What was that for, grandmother?” She asked, rubbing her scalp.
“I see the way your mind works, child. There are good men here for you.”
Kaali turned around. “Like who?”
Tar-na rocked back on her haunches and thought. “What about Derk? He is a powerful man and a good hunter.”
“And he is as ugly as a rock fish.” Kaali folded her arms.
Tar-na tried to hide her giggle. “That is very true. What about Jaguar Claw? He is both powerful and good-looking. I have heard him ask about you.”
Kaali shook her head. She turned to see Jaguar Claw surrounded by ladies, all of them touching his weapons and acting like giddy girls. Kaali cut her eyes away as soon as Jaguar caught her staring. He was good-looking but something in her soul told her he was not the one, at least not now. He loved the girl attention; he wasn’t so trustworthy. Again, Kaali stared at the Northers until she caught the eye of a certain boy and smiled.
To her utter surprise, he smiled back. He had a beautiful smile.

End Excerpt

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Release: LAZARUS: A GARY DRAKE MYSTERY by Michael LaRocca

Title: Lazarus: A Gary Drake Thriller
Author: Michael LaRocca
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Purchase Link:
Genre: Science fiction thriller/Mystery
ISBN: 978-0-9846093-7-6
E-book Price: $5.99
Print book Price: $12.59 


Gary Drake returns.

“After his death, Gary Drake’s life became more interesting.”

It would, wouldn’t it?

Drake’s still in prison, his family’s still dead, he still has AIDS, and he’s still one of the good guys. Well, more or less.

He’s also lost all memory of everything that’s happened to him since 1989, and he’s become a human guinea pig.

An ancient Chinese curse is “May you live in interesting times.”

The question is, how long will Gary Drake live this time?


After his death, Gary Drake’s life became more interesting.

When Drake opened his eyes, he saw that he was in a dingy beige room, its ugliness made worse by the choice of lighting. Everything appeared out of focus, including the white-clad person who stood before him. Drake felt more than saw his own flimsy gown. His bare legs and bottom rested on stiff sheets, beneath which were a hard thin mattress.

“Smells like a hospital. I take it you’re my doctor.”

The doctor tried to smile. It was a wasted gesture, which was fortunate because he failed miserably.

“Yes, I’m Doctor Nichols.”

“What’s wrong with my eyes?”

“That should clear up in a few minutes.”

“Is that why I’m here?”

“Part of the reason, yes. You took a quite a blow to the head.”

Drake paused a moment to digest the information.

“Is my name Gary Drake?”

“Yes, it is.”

“I’m a policeman in Durham, North Carolina. My brother is Matthew Drake Langhorn. My mother is Jo Drake. My wife is Cathy. George Bush is president. Am I right so far?”

“Um, yes...”

“Doc, I don’t have to see your face to know there’s something you’re not telling me.”

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Release--DRINK MY SOUL, PLEASE by Rie Sheridan Rose

Title: Drink My Soul, Please
Author: Rie Sheridan Rose
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Purchase Link:
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-9846093-8-3
Price: $2.50

Blurb: Daniscar Zenov has been a soldier longer than he was not. With the War over at last, all he wants to do is go home and marry the girl he loves. But in the war-torn future that is his reality, nothing is ever that simple...


The machine sat on the scarred oak counter...a tiny monitor with a battered keyboard. It looked so innocent, its cursor blinking steadily, a little green pulse tallying electronic heartbeats. A single word of text glowed on the screen invitingly. "Engage...?"

Daniscar Zenov jerked upright with a gasp, staring into the darkness.

Just another dream... He buried his face in his hands. Dear more dreams. more dreams.

Get your copy today from our storefront.

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Congratulations to the Winners of the Mocha Memoirs Press Contest!

The following are winners of the Mocha Memoirs Press Publisher's Day at Coffee Time Romance yesterday. Thank you Raven Starr, Drea Riley, Janet Eckford and Serenity King for stopping by Coffee Time Romance's forum to post excerpts, discuss Mocha Memoirs Press and hang out. I appreciate it!

Now, on to the winners! They are:

1. Mortal Sinn-Winner of a Mocha Memoirs Press tote!
2. K. Sutton-Winner of an autographed poster of A HEALER'S BOND cover. Signed by RaeLynn Blue.
3. Judy Cox- Winner of a Mocha Memoirs Press teeshirt!
4. N.Tigner-Winner of a Mocha Memoirs Press journal!
5. T. Kleeman-Winner of a copy of A Healer's Bond.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  If you missed out on this contest, make sure to sign up and stop by the Mocha Memoirs Press cafe to abreast of contests ike this one.

Nicole Kurtz

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Coffee Time Romance & Mocha Memoirs Press Contests-You Could Win!

Mocha Memoirs Press is participatin in the Bringing in the New Year with books and Coffee Time Romance & More event.  This event will be running from January 10 - February 10.

Our designated day is January 10th. So, beginning tomorrow, January 10th, you'll be able to post comments, read excerpts, and more. To get the rules for the contest and to participate in the forums for our Publisher day, you must go to

Coffee Time Romance is having a HUGE giveaway, but you'll have to go to our forums to find out what. ;-)

Nicole Kurtz