Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10x10 Movies

I’m eclectic in both my reading and my movie choices. I might write a fantasy one week, work on a romance the next, and be off and running onto something new… This month, I thought I’d share some of my favorite movies… in tens, of course! I have to admit, the list kind of surprised me. You find out weird and interesting things about yourself when you set upon a journey… even if it’s one of 10 movies.
    Mary Poppins: Because she’s practically perfect in any way. This is the first movie I can remember seeing in the theatre, and it is one that I still watch if I’m feeling sick or depressed. As so many Disney movies do, it takes magic to show the miracle of everyday life. Including simple pleasures like flying a kite.

   Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Again, a favorite from childhood that I watch when I’m feeling blue (but not *violet* LOL). As a kid, I drew countless versions of chocolate rivers and candy cane lanes. Now, when my 6 year old son goes to sleep, we talk about our candy garden”… It still works its way into some of my works in progress, too. The movie captures the sensibility of wonder and brings me right into the world right along with Charlie.

3  LOTR: Return of the King: There’s really no reason to ask why on this one. I love epic fantasy, and Lord of the Rings is a perfect fit. Oddly enough, I couldn’t get into the books. But the movies? Oh yes, more please! I chose Return of the King because in the last battle scene, Aragorn gives a speech that reminded me of my favorite Shakespeare play, Henry V. And let’s just consider Viggo Mortensen in that role. Yum.

   Second Hand Lions: I love the way fact / fiction/ past/present/future all mash up together in this movie. But even more, I love the family dynamic between the two old uncles and their befuddled nephew. Priceless.

   Beauty and the Beast: In addition to loving the fairy tale, I really identified with Belle. Of course, when I walk and read at the same time I end up *in* the fountain, not dancing around it.

  Clash of the Titans: This was my first introduction to fantasy of epic proportions, and Greek mythology. I ate it up. Watched it over and over and over again. I even watched a ton of B movies, hoping to gain more insight… but Clash of the Titans was the best. And Medusa! Every time my hair moved in the breeze, I freaked out a little bit (yes, highly imaginative even as a child).

    A Little Princess: This was one of my favorite books growing up, along with A Secret Garden. I didn’t like the Shirley Temple version, though… I liked the 90’s version that was more… artsy and in keeping with the novel. But even the Shirley Temple one had the gentleman who transformed her little attic into a palace and two scared little girls into princesses. Life is tough in this one, but if you hang in there, there are benefits!

8 Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood: I envied those women their friendship. I have close friends, but miles separate us. An ocean, for one of them! But this one also explores the polite fictions that we tell ourselves and our families. Those polite fictions can be the cruelest of all…

9 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Come on now, can you even say the title without grinning a little bit? Light hearted, with a goofy inventor, kids, and a flying car. Yup. I’m in love with it. It’s a bright, candy coated bit of froth, and every once in a while, a person needs just that confection.

1 Moulin Rouge: Over the top romance, music to die for…. I loved this movie. Not many of the romances stick with me (as evidenced by their lack of inclusion here), but this movie captured me. Romance, Tragedy, Comedy… It all comes together quite well.

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