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WTF by Janet Eckford

I pulled this one out. Don't know if it's WTF enough but it's all I got;)

WTF!?! Story

Okay, first off I have to say that WTF moments are a common occurrence in my life. I don't seek them out but they definitely seek me. When I had to pick one WTF moment it was really difficult because how does one pick a "favorite" from the gems that have been collected over time, but I'll try.

I don't think it's shocking that most of my WTF moments occur in bars. Alcohol, relaxed inhibitions and my general amusement for those that are desperately playing out the mating game is a fertile ground for ridiculousness. This particular story takes place at one of my favorite bars, a lovely whiskey bar in downtown Los Angeles. Great booze and great people watching. I was sitting at the bar with my bestie discussing the fuggery that was our day when I felt a "tap tap" on my shoulder. Figuring it was someone trying to move in and order I shifted slightly. Continuing with my conversation I feel the "tap tap" again and turn to see two fairly attractive men. One holds up his arm, flexes and waggles his eyebrows. The other guy points at his friends bicep and said, "Amazing, uh." Me and the bestie of course laugh because it was so ridiculous and return back to our drinks and our conversation. Well, not long after I feel a "tap tap" and notice that one of the fairly attractive men has walked over hands me a cocktail napkin and says to me and bestie, "Do you find my friend attractive? Check yes or no." Now what could we do but laugh. I think I should state a caveat now, I'm married and bestie is single. I'm very comfortable with being the Wing Woman. I'm actually quite good at being the Wing Woman. Hell, I LOVE being the Wing Woman because it's the best form of people watching. I can say whatever I want and not worry about repercussions. Well as the two guys sidle up next to us I sit back and get ready to watch the fur fly. Well Mr. Flexy starts his mack while his friend tries to engage me in conversation. I drop the H word (husband) so there is no confusion and proceed to watch bestie do her thing. Caveat: Bestie is not one of those thirsty females. When we go out we actually spend our time talking to each other than her trying to find a man. Therefore her tolerance for bullshit is null. Dude is working really hard and me and his boy are sitting back enjoying the show. At some point bestie asks, "So what do you do?" Well Mr. Flexy pauses and says, "I work for the city." Caveat: Bestie is a cop magnet. It's a phenomena that can't be explained but if there is a cop in the room he will find her. Therefore, "I work for the city." without any description is code for "Cop". I can't help smirking because Mr. Flexy has lost even before he's begun. Bestie looks at me and we both say simultaneously, "Cop!" and laugh hysterically. Caveat: We don't have anything against cops. Bestie's brother is a cop. What we have a problem with are the cops that are on the prowl at bars, trying to pick up women while their wife and mother of their children are at home waiting for them. The "I work for the city." dudes usually fall into that category. Mr. Flexy immediately starts backpedaling, trying desperately to regain besties attention, his Wing Man shakes his head and whispers in my ear, "Do you need me to make him disappear?" I laugh and reply, "No, this is only going to get better." Well bestie looks at me shrugs and I smile with an evil gleam in my eye. Bestie starts asking Mr. Flexy questions, lulling him into a false sense of security. Caveat: At this point he's introduced himself as George, remember that. Well I'm having a grand time watching him lie through his teeth and not even remembering half of the lies. Even his Wing Man has given up and just shakes his head and continues to hand me quarters for the jukebox. Finally, now that the web has been set, bestie says, "Okay, give me your number." pulls out her phone and says, "What's your name again?" Well Mr. Flexy says, "David." Well bestie and I start laughing because, seriously, keep the alias straight. Bestie looks at him and goes, "Didn't they teach you how to keep your undercover identities straight at the Academy" and she and I start laughing again. NOW here is the WTF moment. Dude swells up like the incredible hulk and flips out. Starts yelling about what a Bitch bestie is and what a tease and some other sexist bullshit. She takes a sip of her whiskey drink and calmly says, "Well it's a good thing you have that wife at home so you don't have to deal with Bitches like me on the regular." Well dude stands there frozen for a second and I seriously thought he was going to have a stroke. Wing Man quickly snatches him away and we shake our heads in disdain. BUT that's not all folks. Mr. Flexy makes his way back, throws a card at bestie and shouts, "You know what I am a cop, BITCH." For the sake of wrapping the story up we discovered not only was he a cop, out with his cop friends BUT it was his bachelor party/pub crawl thingy. 

Moral of the story: Don't try and best me and the bestie. 

Spill It Wednesday...ON TIME!!!!

Look at me! Making progress! I'm actually on time today and doing what needs to be done...blah...blah...blah...and all that jazz. Great huh? Okay so allow me to introduce you folks who are new, to someone who is possibly more dangerous than I and Drea combined...(brow raise) I still think TJ--The Jeanie-- was playing around with folks DNA but that's not the point. Wait was the point again? My mild case of ADHD distracted me again. Oh yeah! We were talking about someone on my list of favorites! Nevea Lane! Or as I like to call her--Techy 1.0. Let's just say chick's a bit and byte genius. I'll not say more because I do believe the whole posse is already on the FBI watch list...How about you guys just, you know, read more about her....

Q) What made you decide to become a writer?—Question by reader Jill Bryant.
A) What made me want to become a writer?  Revenge.  Seriously, a fourth grade teacher of mine was always on my case that I didn’t read enough, I didn’t study enough, I was always something ‘not enough’ in comparison to her oh so stellar daughter in the same grade.  I made a vow to beat that chick after that point in everything, including writing. Not to mention the teacher thought I was remedial. If she only knew what was going on in my life at that age…but I digress.   What started as revenge turned into a passion and once I began reading more, I found myself wanting to change what happened in the book/movie/soap opera.  So my ego decided that in order to feed my need for a good ending up to my standards (snotty isn’t she) I must write them.  But as Toni Morrison said, “I wrote my first novel because I wanted to read it.” It went from revenge, to passion to an addiction. (Nikki edit…I think said fourth grade teacher should be very grateful that Techy either didn’t wanna do juvenile time or she had some self restraint. IJS)

Q) Besides being a bestselling author, what other goals/dreams do you have? Aka: what do you wanna be when you grow up?—Question by author Shirelle Higgins
A) I want to be a Queen of all Trades.  I’ve said many times that I know a little bit about a lot of things.  Whether it is languages, trying to master my 4th now, or accounting, which is where I work for money, or to become one hilarious screenwriter, I’m ever learning.  I don’t’ think I will ever grow up.  I still watch the Thundercats, I still moon over 90210, I get geeked when I hear about comic book movies… I will never grow up… lol.  (Isn’t she adorable? Like ANYONE around here has grown up…We’re a bunch of teenagers in adult bodies)

A)When you write a story that does really well is there ever pressure to make the next one just as successful or do you just go with the flow and let the chips fall where they may? How do you handle the ups and downs of the business?—Question by reader A.W. Brad
Q)Pressure? There is always pressure, and I think as authors we are our own worst enemy when it comes to pressure.  We are never satisfied with what we write, which is why most won’t revisit what they write because they will try to rewrite it.   There is always going to be that pressure, whether it is in your own head, from critics, from family, there is always going to be some form of pressure.  How you deal with the pressure is another different story.   I would like to say I let the chips fall where they may, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to hip-check (hockey term I’m Minnesotan by default) the chips and try to influence their falling in my favor.  

Q)What’s the one story line you haven't tackled but you'd actually PAY to be able to write?—Question by author Dréa Riley  
A)The one story line I haven’t tackled is the dark side of love.   I try to keep my topics light, and I try to stay on the funny side of things, but there is always a dark side somewhere… Love makes you do crazy things… I would love to freak someone out of their comfy chair but bring them back down lightly.

Q)Do you research stories? If so, what's the furthest you'd ever go to get the story?—Question by author Eden Royce  
A)Yes, even the simple things I research.  When I wrote Java Rain, I researched a lot for a short read, like where is the coffee produced in New Guinea, things like that.  What is the furthest I’ve ever gone for a story… don’t drink anything right now because you will spit it out… I was a stripper, for two days, made some money, not enough to stay but good fodder for books.  (Nikki edit…I…I…nope…no comment. Love you Techy!)

Q)When you write a character how much of you or people you know are that imitated in that character?—Question by reader Cherryce Williams  
A)There is a piece of myself in every character I write, from male to female.  I try to inject realness as much as possible even though what we do is create fantasy.  If you have that certain level of realism in every character, readers don’t feel that sense of ‘oh that will never happen.

Q)What hurts worse; a bad fan review, peer review, or critic's review?—Question by reader Cece Dreams
A)Peer reviews hurt the most because as peers, do we ever get the right to rag on someone who is just starting out?  I mean we’ve all been there, at the beginning, when we were still learning and figuring out our voice.  To have a peer totally kneecap a newbie with the crowbar is just hurtful.

Q)Which comes first for you; the character(s), or the story idea?—Question by author Thomas Olbert
A)For me, it is the character.  The character usually determines what happens in the story.

Q) Is your writing life imitating art or art imitating life? –Question by author Dréa Riley
A)It is definitely art imitating life.  Although in some cases it needs to be ‘fancied’ up to make it less surreal and more believable.

Q)What’s next for you as an author?—Question by author Nikki Winter
A) There is a series I’m desperately trying to finish and I’m working on writing action/thriller within the romance.  That is my next step to taking on the world. 

And there you have it people. The inner workings of Nevea's mind. She sounds pretty sane doesn't she? Surprised? ooooh I'm telling her you said that you thought she was crazy! Nope, don't deny it now! (grin) Now who looks crazy? (eye roll) Anyways I think you all should know one of her newest additions to MMP can be found here and that you should really go and buy DO IT.... 

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Spill It...Er...Uh...Thursday....

Alright, alright, alright! I'm sorry! I'm late...again...but really people this isn't my fault. Blame it on my passive-aggressive mother who has nothing better to do than...(clears throat) Never mind that folks the point is I'm here now and I have a treat for all of those who haven't already looked at the book cover to the left and discovered that the incomparable I mean BILLY! I SWEAR I MEANT BILLY!--Is this week's "she who spills stuff"? Look I dunno what the term is I just know we get to pick her brain today! On a normal day my and Billy's conversations consist of defiling athletes, actors, more athletes and other actors then we round it up with who has to get outta our zombie proof tank on Z-Day to refill it while the other keeps watch with an AK (shrug) Don't judge us because we have our shizz together people! All I know is Billy is in my top five on my list of favorites because she's awesome ass awesome and has been from our very first email where she rambled and I rambled and we discovered that our mutual wackiness would soon form an unbreakable bond. Said bond usually involves my making fun of the fact that she's a cocoa dipped Dolly Parton and her making fun of the fact that despite my gentile features I am not innocent. So without further ado...

Q: What made you decide to become a writer?—Question by reader Jill Bryant.
A: I wrote my first story when I was six, but that’s boring. This version is better. One day I was reading a Mills & Boon on my precious summer holiday. The heroine annoyed me so much I threw the book across the room. Actually threw a book. Me, who worships books as a false idol. My mum gave me a smack for being disrespectful but I told her she’d have done worse if she’d read it. From then on, with my cape of literary justice streaming behind me, I vowed to write better than the book that had flown in my home. The cape still flows today.  (Nikki edit...erm...Why do I have the strange image of Billy in a catsuit with a whip to go with that cape?)

Q: Besides being a bestselling author, what other goals/dreams do you have? Aka: what do you wanna be when you grow up?—Question by author Shirelle Higgins
A: When I grow up, I want to interview Olympic male swimmers. Pool side. Fresh from the water. Or be Joseph Gordon Levitt’s wife. That’s totally a goal. (Nikki edit...So Billy wants to be around hot half naked athletes for long periods of time...Hey Londoner, need an assistant?)

Q: When you write a story that does really well is there ever pressure to make the next one just as successful or do you just go with the flow and let the chips fall where they may? How do you handle the ups and downs of the business?—Question by reader A.W. Brad
A:There are people who’ll say I’ll never better Windows. I respectfully disagree. That novel was a transition for me. A lot of baaaaaaad things were happening when I was writing that book - which ended up in the book. In order for me to move on, I’m not going to write the same story. In fact, Hank and I have serious meetings where we discuss to never write the same story again ever. The basic plot of the story is the same boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl live happily ever after. With weird bits in between. We’ve talked about maybe a bit of acid to adjust the plot, but then Hank reminds me that I’m not entirely mentally stable as it is and narcotics aren’t going to improve my writing. Even if I do end up seeing rainbow coloured ponies. I love ponies. The ups and downs of being an author are just like the ups and downs of life. Everything is better after a martini. And sex. (Nikki edit...okay, laughing, laughing A LOT)

Q: What’s the one story line you haven't tackled but you'd actually PAY to be able to write?—Question by author Dréa Riley
A: Oooh, good question! I think I’m doing it now. This year I lost a huge influence in my life and I’ve been thinking a lot about the afterlife, peace after death and unrested spirits. So that’s what I’m up to. Hopefully, it’ll be published and people can tell me that I scared them for no good reason. Or worse, made them cry for no good reason other than for my literary therapy. Goodness, what was in that potato salad I had for lunch?!

Q: Do you research stories? If so, what's the furthest you'd ever go to get the story?—Question by author Eden Royce
A: Erm, I went to Italy for research? That counts, right? Damn good time there. But all in the name of research. I took photos and notes and drank loooooads and flirted for my readers. Yup. Selfless actions. I will read through pages and pages of documents, medical and legal if need be. For The Claim certain people were fed up of emails from me asking the same questions but in a different format. A friend of mine spent a good hour on the phone with me going over a medical procedure with me because it didn’t make sense on paper. My parents still find it funny that I keep asking them how to spell words in Fanti or whenever they say something I find wholly and wonderfully African, I announce “Going in a book!” In being factually correct, I don’t believe you can research hard enough. Google exists. There’s no excuse any more! (Nikki edit...Oh yeah she went to Italy for “research” I definitely believe that one)

Q: When you write a character how much of you or people you know are that imitated in that character?—Question by reader Cherryce Williams
A: I must plead the fifth or people will stop talking to me about anything and everything!

Q: What hurts worse; a bad fan review, peer review, or critic's review?—Question by reader Cece Dreams
A: Both tend to sting, but reading is subjective. I didn’t make it past page 8 of Cloud Atlas (I think that’s technically the first page of the book but I thought: “I’ve got other things to do with my life.”) Other people love it. It’s the basic tenement of being a writer. Understanding that not everyone is going to love what you do. So, have a bar of chocolate, call the critic a twat in the privacy of your own home, go have sex with someone who does actually like you, feel better about it and write some more. (Nikki edit...Once again I am laughing because she is in fact a nutter butter...a lovely nutter butter but one none-the-less)

Q: Which comes first for you; the character(s), or the story idea?—Question by author Thomas Olbert
A: It’s normally the idea that comes first and the character that follows. With Said the Demon I had the vision of Eva’s flat with the crack running from one end of the ceiling to the other. In Starting Over I could see Wes sitting in the coffee shop waiting for Sherial and then their backgrounds and characters (Sherial threatening to joog Wes in the throat) came along afterwards. I sound nuts, don’t I? (Nikki edit...Yes, yes you do but we still love you. “Honest Guv’nr!” Or yah know...something to that effect.)

Q: Is your writing life imitating art or art imitating life? –Question by author Dréa Riley
A: As the girl who spent last Saturday night in a hot tub, it’s a little too much of the former these days! Bad times and good times always influence what ends up in a story. Even the bad times, while I’m snivelling into a tissue I think, “this would make an awesome scene. I’ll write how I’m feeling down in a minute.” The next day. After the martinis (five? Six? Yes, six.)

Q: What’s next for you as an author?—Question by author Nikki Winter
A: Next is finishing my horror for the Mocha Memoirs Halloween special. I honestly think it’s the loopiest story I’ve written. And there’s loopy that you don’t know about. After that, it’s back to the Italian Knights. Anything else random that comes in between may be inspired by everything around me. Can’t wait!

Well there you have it people. The insane ramblings of Billy The Kid and or the Londoner! I have to say, often times I find myself concerned about the safety of those around her...but regardless of that I find myself more so fascinated with her talent and her ability to weave an amazing story...also her boobs because people when you see'em you really see'em! Don't judge me! They're HUGE...which she will deny after reading this and possibly swing at my head a few times but then she'll laugh and we'll have a jolly good day! Yes, that was my attempt at being British...If you didn't enjoy it well, (shrug) sucks for you. Now, you can find Billy's contribution to MMP mocha shots here Do enjoy! Over and out!

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Interracial Science Fiction Romances

by RaeLynn Blue

RaeLynn Blue is part of Mocha Memoirs Marketing Team, and she is an author. Her latest MMP title, Theft of Souls, combines magick, fantasy, and erotic romance, all into one. Today she discusses why she writes, interracial science fiction stories. This story is just $1.00.
I am a geek. Yep. Nerd. I go to science fiction conventions, dress in cosplay, and read comic books. I currently own over 6,000 comics and the local comic book store owner knows my name by heart. Yes, I’m a nerd. Although I don’t live in the basement of my mother’s house, I am a Trekkie. I’ve been to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas six times, paid upward of $300 for the Admiral’s tour, which included me sitting in the captain’s chair on the Enterprise from Star Trek,The Next Generation. There are pictures of me as a Borg drone, as a first officer, and a lot more, but I digress.

Why would you care about my geekiness? Because I write Interracial Science Fiction romance, a genre that is a subgenre of a subgenre. It’s a narrow genre, but entertains the same endless impossibilities as the traditional sf genre. Attempting to answer question of what if…

The what if question is the thriving motivation for most science fiction works and that doesn’t end with I/R Science Fiction romance. I’ve been having a long standing discussion with other BadAzz members about reader interest in I/R SF romance. Some believe that the words “science fiction” frighten off readers who automatically think nerd, geek or strange beings with butts on their heads. I believe that the success of the latest Star Trek reboot movie that many of us do enjoy a good story, whether the setting is at a local church or set amongst the stars. It doesn’t matter how far technology advances, if there are human beings, there will be love.

Which brings me to the point of this blog, do you enjoy I/R SF romance? Why do you read it? I read it because I am intrigued by the approach the author brings to answering that what if question and how love grows from within that environment. For example, in my story, HALO'S HEART, Kai is presented with the problem of convincing his boss, and the woman he’s in love with to trust him enough to give them a chance together. Well, that story could’ve taken place anywhere and during any time. But because Halo runs a virtual reality café on the moon, there are other challenges and the question of what if she doesn’t give in, what if the moon wars overtake their establishment, etc. The entire Moonbeams and Stardust series is about people finding love among the harsh conditions of moon colonization and a war.

Or take my latest story, Theft of Souls. Tara is enslaved to an evil elfin tyrant on a distant world. The one person who can save her sucks out souls of others for a living. How can she deal with that? How many of us have dated or fallen in love with someone, but dislike their career choices? So real.

So, don’t let the words “science fiction” scare you from trying an I/R science fiction romance. The setting is different with sf stories, but the story is the same—a human one and with romance, one of two people finding love amongst that backdrop. Air out your inner nerd, and enjoy the ride!

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Falling into Love by Janet Eckford and Reana Malori

Yup, it's Nikki Winter and I won't even keep you guys on edge with my goofy anecdotes today, I shall get right to it! Yes, this is me being gracious, accept it and love me for it. Not too long ago I found out that two of my favorite people in the whole wide world--I have a long list of favorites but they're like #3 and #4 on said list--were writing together! Now there's nothing I love more than an amazing story and I've been known to spread the word rather quickly when I KNOW something is going to be or just plainly IS awesome. I'll be honest here folks, I have yet to read Janet and Reana's new story and that's mainly because it just premiered today on the MMP website at there's the link for you. But after years and yes I do mean YEARS, of reading and enjoying each and every one of their tales, I've found that sometimes I simply have faith in the fact a story will turn out AMAZING. Oh but Nikki how can you be so sure? (sigh) PEOPLE DO NOT DOUBT ME ON THIS!!! Alright, alright, you want examples? Like proof and stuff, right? Let me just tick off s few stories shall I? "To Balance the Gray" "Life in Two Parts" "Love Unfurled" any of those ring a bell? Or Perhaps "To Love a Marine" "Escape To Heaven" or "Weekend Fling." (raises hands) As far as I'm concerned that settles my whole argument but I'm sure a few of you want me to go further on this one. (eye roll) I will. When you have two authors such as Janet and Reana you have a team where one picks up where the other may need help or a push. If you're an avid fan of either--like myself--than you know that Janet's damn good at detailing and creating a whole new world with just a few words. Her insane ass is also good with leaving you on edge or having you check under your bed at night before going to sleep; possibly your closet too. HEY, HEY, HEY I ONLY DID IT ONCE AND IF YOU WENT TO HER BLOG YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND...(clears throat) Anyway as I was saying just as Janet's great with her mysterious yet sensual style, Reana is a romantic at heart. Now, now, don't confuse ROMANTIC with SWEET AND INNOCENT. (brow raise) Remember I spent a whole weekend with these two and NEITHER can be described in such a fashion. Love you guys! Mean it! Don't kill me kay? Jay says you can't! Reana makes you fall in love with her heroes and her heroines, leaving you with a fluttery feeling behind your belly button and grinning like a loon by the time you're done reading. (head tilt) Now I think I've pretty much made my point as to why "Falling into Love" was set to succeed from the get go but maybe you guys need to see for yourself? Maybe you need READ THE DAMN BOOK! Yes, my gracious nature has ended as I have no more coffee and am now craving brownies but seriously people, do yourselves a favor, if you're looking for a great tale composed from two of the best authors I know, go get the story, enjoy it, and tell them how awesome they did. Over and out.

A Super Sexy Series... That's Also Smart.

One of the most popular series at MMP is our Beauty & the Geek series. What is it about sexy, but somewhat nerdy or geekiness that calls out to us?

According to "Why Dating Geeks and Nerds Pays Off," gives five primary reasons (

  1. 1. While geeks and nerds may be awkward, they’re well-meaning 9 out of 10 times. That smooth dude with the sly grin and the spider hands? Wonder what HIS intentions are... plus, I’ve never had a geek guy not call me when he said he would. Score major points THERE.
2. They’re useful. In this tech-savvy world, it’s great to have a b/f who can make your laptop, desktop, and just about anything else that plugs into a wall behave itself.

3.They’re more romantic than they’re given credit for. Ok true, their idea of romance might be to make up a spiffy web-page with all the reasons why they love you, with links to pics of you and sonnets and such... but hey. It lasts longer than flowers, plus you can show your friends.

4. Due to their neglected status, there are plenty to choose from. You like ‘em tall and slender? There are plenty of geeks/nerds who are. You like ‘em smaller with more meat on their bones? Got that too.

5. They’ve got brains. Come on now, how can intelligence be a bad thing?

Brains, brilliance and bravado about their passionate area, geeks and nerds are perfect mates.  Check out our Geeks in the Beauty & the Geek series today.

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Spill It late!

(peeking out of corner) Pssssst...Anybody seen Nicole around? (looking from side to side) Okay...I'm coming out but you guys WILL warn me if she comes up won't you? (eye roll) Probably not but I'll take my chances anyway. (slips out) My life is currently in jeopardy because I might have...sort have...possibly forgotten to remind Marteeka Karland--or as we call her Teeks the Freak--to send me back her answered questions. Now what we're all gonna do for MY sake is pretend like today is Wednesday and enjoy the fact that we got to pick The Princess' brain. Sound like a plan? Oh, good. Let's get started then...

Q) What made you decide to become a writer?—Question by reader Jill Bryant. 
A) Because of a story I wrote in the third grade. My teacher singled me out because she loved it. She NEVER singled me out for good things. Not until then. I think the positive reinforcement from an otherwise crabby old bag (KIDDING!!) (KINDA) made me truly believe I could do this.

Q) Besides being a bestselling author, what other goals/dreams do you have? Aka: what do you wanna be when you grow up?—Question by author Shirelle Higgins
A) I wanna be an ASTRONAUT!!! *sigh* ok. fine. *grumble* I just wanna be a beach  bum. I could SO handle sitting poolside with my fuzzy navel on the table and a ready supply of sunscreen for the rest of my life... okokok, so a poolside beach bum. :P

Q)When you write a story that does really well is there ever pressure to make the next one just as successful or do you just go with the flow and let the chips fall where they may? How do you handle the ups and downs of the business?—Question by reader A.W. Brad
A) Sure. Pressure. No, not really. I just want to tell the best story I can. OKOKOK, so yeah. Pressure. I never want to disappoint anyone. I'm adult enough to know you can't please everyone, but I'm a firm believer in, just because you can't do something, doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

Q)What’s the one story line you haven't tackled but you'd actually PAY to be able to write?—Question by author Dréa Riley
A) A fem dom who has a mate man enough to let her be the dominant but isn't a wimpy guy. She's the warrior. He's the poet. She takes point in life, but he's the dominant in bed and all things emotional.

Q)Do you research stories? If so, what's the furthest you'd ever go to get the story?—Question by author Eden Royce
A) Always. And i'm remembering a trip to Anabells in Charlotte before the panel me and Shara were on. Though Shara bought WAY more than I did. I really need to point that out... (quick Nikki edit)--Um are we shocked the small one bought...Okay...I'm just gonna slip out of this one...

Q) When you write a character how much of you or people you know are that imitated in that character?—Question by reader Cherryce Williams   
A)  Not so much me or people I know, but yes. There are elements there. Mostly situations. I'm recalling the nursing home with all the witches and familiars where the residents turn the staff into goats and such for fun or make themselves look like they're dead just to watch the ensuing chaos. Yeah. That's my life. *sigh*

Q) What hurts worse; a bad fan review, peer review, or critic's review?—Question by reader Cece Dreams  
A) Bad reviews that have nothing to do with the content of the book. Or reviews of 2 out of 5 stars with comments like, "this book was really interesting. i loved it!" I'm like WTF??? I'm not perfect. I welcome reviews from readers, peers and critics. I may not LIKE what they have to say, but I guarantee I'll learn something from it.

Q) Which comes first for you; the character(s), or the story idea?—Question by author Thomas Olbert.
A) Depends. Sometimes I start with a general feeling. An emotion I want to convey. Other times, I'll start with the hero or heroine and build a story around them. Then again, sometimes I have a story idea and I fit my characters to that world/situation. So, I guess you could say all three. I've been inspired by movies, songs... NCIS, IMO could be a really cool erotic series. :D

Q) Is your writing life imitating art or art imitating life? –Question by author Dréa Riley 
A) Art imitating life. Let's face it. I love the men I create, but I don't expect men to really BE that way. LOL

Q)What’s next for you as an author?—Question by author Nikki Winter
A)The next book. ALWAYS the next book...

Marteeka Karland aka Princess Teeka
Isn't she adorable with her titled crown and sceptre that's really made from a whip and Lord knows what else she has in her closet? (ducking Teeka's swinging hands) Seriously though folks, Teeka's great...a bit touched in the head (brow raise) But still great! She's always working at her craft, discovering new ways to perfect it and as time goes on she manages to bring something new to the table. To peek a little more into the land of Princess Teeka, you can shoot right over here to and you can also check out her latest addition to MMP with the help of a small and very aggressive tyrant right over here at Now that I do believe my work is done, I shall run...because seriously I think I see Nicole (gets up and flees)

The World is Full of...What?

Mocha Memoirs Press Author,  Shiree McCarver, is a bestselling author of interracial romance. In this blog post, the successful Shiree, gives advice on well, advice on writing.

You can also read Shiree's Beauty & the Geek: Zola's Magic Touch, and see firsthand how Shiree uses her writer's voice and skills.
The World is full of it... "Full of what?" You ask...
...FULL OF ADVICE. It's coming out of the “Wa-Hoo” from every direction. Even if you don't want to hear it...boom, there it is. I have found the writing world is full of it; mostly telling you how to be a better writer. I have yet to figure out how anyone can give
you that advice and you still maintain your voice as a writer. In spite of all the hands that can make a book better, only one voice can make it happen at all. It doesn’t matter how stubborn you have to become, hold onto the gift that is yours alone. Your "writer’s voice" is and will be that driving force that keeps the words coming to the page, long
after you think your best works are behind you. It will be the answer you need when you think there are no ways you can top that last piece of work.

I admire the writers that can sit down and can be so constructive in their writing. They know where it's going and how it's going to get there. I'm not one of them. I wish I could be and when I tried, I got writer’s block. I start by writing down the basic research for a character outline so I can keep my people straight and the rest comes as I write. Most of my best received books have been through my Summer Free Reads that are cold
writings from week to week. I know I'm long winded in my writing and my readers know that.

When I tried to be the writer that all the advice columns and books advised I needed to do to be successful, I found that I had to choose my own path that makes me a good writer. The first thing I did was make peace with myself over those who wanted to dump my novels from their list of books to read and leave me by the wayside. I stopped taking those comments personally and focused my energy on reaching only those who are
interested in my style and my long winded purple prose.

This is what I've learned:
--Be true to yourself and your vision.
--If you write the way you love, it won't feel like work.
--Don't do it to get rich; do it because you love what you do and the money will come.
--An opinion is one thing. Turning your voice into theirs is another. It's not others’ careers in jeopardy, it's yours. If you must fail, let it be on your own terms. If you’ve tried and failed, you will still feel as if you succeeded because you tried your best with what you had to bring to the table.

--Failure is not an option. Dust yourself off and try again, this time being true to your own gifted voice even if you have to publish it yourself.

Remember, just like I have just done, I’ve only given you my opinion based on MY LIFE experiences which have nothing to do with you or YOUR LIFE experiences. Those you have to bring to your style of writing. Advice is all it is. It doesn't need to be your mantra or your bible unless it helps you to achieve YOUR dreams of which type of writer you want to be and what you want to be known for.

Don't follow a niche. Build your own and allow others to use you as an example instead of becoming part of what is already out there. No one becomes memorable by working “inside the box” all the time. Remember you can say "fuck you" with only a nod and a smile and none shall be the wiser as you continue to not compromise.

Happy creativity, regardless of what it may be!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


We'd like to share with you a steamy title from our Espresso Shots line.
Espresso Shots are very much like the Steamy Mocha Shots. In fact, these are bold blasts of a genre—science fiction, horror, or fantasy for example. These stories have all the hallmarks of those classic genres but add dashes of bold creativity. The other good news—espresso shots are only 6,000 words or less.We like to think of espresso shots as coffee (classic genres) with shots of espresso (bold eye-opening creativity).
SEPARATE BUT TOGETHER is a sexy, erotic story that's steeped in fantasy romance. Two people from different cultures meet and the results are not only powerful for them but also their respective people. Raven Starr is a bestselling erotic romance author, and her blast of espresso to a traditonal fantasy story is arousing as it is entertaining.

Blurb: In a Hartslst, a risky world, two people from different tribes fall in love. Kaali, from the East Falls Turtle Clan, falls hard for Sar’tac, a northlander. Only once yearly, or if in dire need, do the two clans ever meet. But from the moment Kaali saw Sar’tac her heart belonged to him. How long would she wait to see him again? Will another love steal her heart?

Get a copy of SEPARATE BUT TOGETHER for less than a $1.00 today.