Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spill It Wednesday with Nikki Winter

Welcome to our first ever "Spill It Wednesday" hosted by none other than I (cue really great theme music) Nikki Winter! Otherwise known as "Little One" and or "The Padawan." Well folks this is where I get some of your favorite MMP authors to drop by and spill their proverbial guts. Today we have the wonderful, the lovely, the INSANE Drea Riley doing just that. Let's get started shall we?

  Q)  What made you decide to become a writer?—Question by reader Jill Bryant. 
  A)I don’t think I had a choice, its part of who I am.

        Q)Besides being a bestselling author, what other goals/dreams do you have? Aka: what do you wanna be when you grow up?—Question by author Shirelle Higgins
        A)An awesome wife and super mom! Oh and wonderwoman…sigh yup.

        Q)When you write a story that does really well is there ever pressure to make the next one just as successful or do you just go with the flow and let the chips fall where they may? How do you handle the ups and downs of the business?—Question by reader A.W. Brad
  A)Because writing isn’t yet my bread and butter I don’t sweat it.  There is always pressure to be commercially viable, but I work on that part between books by building my brand and communicating with my fans. I try to listen to the vibe of the times to stay relevant with what stories I tell, but after all is said and done. I do what I do and the rest is just up to the universe.

  Q)  What’s the one story line you haven't tackled but you'd actually PAY to be able to write?—Question by author Dréa Riley
  A)THIS ONE TIME AT BAND CAMP…you didn't think I’d really answer my own question…maybe my memoirs…like a real life tell all chronicle of who I am .

        Q)Do you research stories? If so, what's the furthest you'd ever go to get the story?—Question by author Eden Royce
  A)Yes and no. I like to make sure that unless I  am creating a world, that the facts of locals and life are as truthful as possible. I tend to write about what I know about. And I look up what I  don’t know. I’ve interviewed officers, soldiers, doctors, EMTs and many others to be sure I know what I am talking about. I’ve even tried sexual positions with the hubs to make sure logistics work. I’ve taken trips to places so I can write about what I saw.  But I’d never go under cover or anything wild.

  Q)When you write a character how much of you or people you know are that imitated in that character?—Question by reader Cherryce Williams  
  A) TONS…lol everyone finds themselves in my characters at some point or another.

         Q) What hurts worse; a bad fan review, peer review, or critic's review?—Question by reader Cece Dreams   
         A)Bullshit reviews,  I hate reviews that are, “ this is too short, or this cost too much” I can take honest critiques like I do a shot in the ass, suck it up and move on, but I really hate to see reviewers that gang up on authors so that their ‘favorite or pet’ authors get a better ranking. Or who talk trash because they think my craft should be free.  Write a fking book if you want a free story.

         Q) Which comes first for you; the character(s), or the story idea?—Question by author Thomas Olbert.
         A)Both…its like a simultaneous thing for me. The moment a theme  is presented the character steps up and says yeah that’s me and this is how it happened. Or the moment a character steps up they go HEY this one time at  vacation bible school.

         Q) Is your writing life imitating art or art imitating life? –Question by author Dréa Riley  
         A) BOTH

         Q) What’s next for you as an author?—Question by author Nikki Winter
         A)Making myself just do it. I have so many things started, hundreds of things. So now its time just write. Make it happen.

        Well people there you have it. So far you've seen that my crazy ass Twin wants to be "Wonderwoman" and that I need to put my foot on her damn back so she'll finish the HUNDREDS of WIPS she has sitting on her hardrive. You can find the "Wonderwoman's" (giggle) brand new Mocha shot and many other of her works here at (grin) Chick has work to do and for that matter so do I! Therefore I shall bid you all adieu. Check in tomorrow for my SECOND brand new addition to the blog promptly entitled "WTF?" Where I get to update you folks on all the shizz that makes me go "WTF" on a daily basis!