Monday, July 23, 2012

31 Days of Steamy Mocha: Paula Alexander's Cup of Joe

WEEK FOUR has arrived and we're still excited about our anniversary. Mocha Memoirs Press seeks to continue to offer splendid flavors in a variety of genres. This week is no exception.

We're proud to have new author, Paula Alexander, to our MMP family. Her story, A Cup of Joe, pairs Kate, an independent older woman with an exciting rodeo, MBA degreed, and younger Joe.

There isn't a contest winner today. This is the last day for the contest so be sure to post!!

Blurb: Kate, owner of Kate’s Bar and Grill loves when the rodeo comes to town. When Little Joe McCoy returns to town, Kate realizes she’s missing something in her life, and the lingering ache of loss had kept her prisoner for too long. When Joe, younger, handsome, and delicious, Joe, comes back to help her close up, Kate wonders if he wants more than just a cup of Joe.

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance
Purchase link:
Price: $1.00


  1. Morning all! Congrats Paula on your new release. Enjoy your day everyone!!

  2. I just love cougar stories. Congrats!

  3. Congrats Paula on your new release. Oh and I so love younger man. I am Cougar hear me roar. Meow!!!!

    Wishing you many sells in your sweet story.

    Teresa K.