Tuesday, July 10, 2012

31 Days of Steamy Mocha: Naomi Jones' After Midnight Delight

Week Two of our month long celebration of our anniversary continues. Our 31 Days of Steamy Mocha adds our own level of heat to the sweltering July weather. These steamy and erotic romance stories contain elements of either mocha, memories, or both.

Naomi Jones, an amazing author of fast hot stories, brings us to a cafe unlike any we've seen thus far in our celebration. This cafe caters to both humans and vampires alike, but be careful what you get from th menu.

Blurb: Today was the big day for Newlyn’s mate. Hoping to get some morning sex he was politely denied, but was promised and evening he wouldn’t forget. Makai sat in the café quietly celebrating how successful her art show was. Until the sight of her mate walking in set her body on fire.

Genre: Urban fantasy, vampires, interracial erotic romance
Price: $1.00
Purchase link: http://mochamemoirspress.com/31-days-of-steamy-mocha-after-midnight-delight

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Each day we'll give away a gift/prize. All you have to do is give a comment on our blog for today's $1.00 Steamy Mocha shot. We'll put your name in a drawing and pull out the winner. We'll announce the winner on tomorrow's blog. So, start posting and grab your copy of AFTER MIDNIGHT DELIGHT today.

7/09/12 Winner is The Cinnamon Chocolate Dreamer
Please email your legal name, address, and yesterday's date, to Nicole Kurtz at mailto:mochamemoirspress @ gmail.com *removed the spaces*


  1. Congrats Cinnamon on being the winner and Naomi on your new release. Have a good day ladies and gents.

  2. Congrats on your release! This sounds wonderful. I have shared it!


  3. Congratulations, Naomi! Love the title!

  4. Lovin this anniversary special.!