Sunday, July 22, 2012

31 Steamy Days of Mocha: Erica Leigh's A Great Cup of Coffee

WEEK FOUR has arrived and we're still excited about our anniversary. Mocha Memoirs Press seeks to continue to offer splendid flavors in a variety of genres. This week is no exception.

We start Week Four with another solid, sexy story from Erica Leigh. You've already tasted one of Erica Leigh's story, MAKING MEMORIES. Now, get ready for A GREAT CUP OF COFFEE.

Blurb: After two years at a remote scientific outpost, Charis is desperate for two things.  There's no hope for one, but she's a master in her field and she WILL find some way to have her coffee!  But when her experiment sets off the kitchen alarm, she just might get the opportunity to fulfill both needs.

Genre: Erotic contemporary romance

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Price: $1.00



Each day we'll give away a gift/prize. All you have to do is give a comment on our blog for today's $1.00 Steamy Mocha shot. We'll put your name in a drawing and pull out the winner. We'll announce the winner on tomorrow's blog. So, start posting and grab your copy of A GREAT CUP OF COFFEE.