Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome to Women in Horror Month

At Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC, we have a soft spot for horror. Sure, that spot is often stabbed, stomped on or haunted by the likes of talented horror writers--and we LOVE it. So, it's only fitting and somewhat self serving, that we celebrate Women in Horror Month! 

Our month long celebration spotlights our talented women who pen horror stories that linger long after you're done reading. Horror Editor, Eden Royce, has also compiled an impressive anthology of twenty-two horror short stories--all written by women. The Grotesquerie is available in print and ebook formats.

Great storytelling is great storytelling regardless of the genre. I encourage you to try some of the following titles this month, and to put your courage to the sticking place and enter, "The Grotesquerie" this month also.

Have a wicked and wonderful Women in Horror Month. To learn more about Women in Horror Month, visit their facebook page at

Mocha Memoirs Press

Here are the titles to our talented Women who write Horror:

Whispers in the Dark by Janet Eckford
The Other Man by Selah Janel
Bloody Rain by Rie Sheridan Rose (check out Rie's story in THE GROTESQUERIE)
Alicia by E.A. Black
In the Bloodstream  Compiled by Eden Royce (various stories by talented women in this volume)
Huntress by Siobhan Kinkade

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