Monday, February 10, 2014

Women in Horror Month

Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? Do you know terror as the clown crosses the stage? Or do you realize that the monster just might... perhaps... be inside of you.

I read an article that postulated that Women in Horror month was not, in fact, needed as women are often in the horror genre (this was on a film blog). Jamie Lee Curtis was mentioned, as was the fact that often it is one lone, strong girl who defeats the bad guy and gets to stay alive.

Methinks he missed the point.

Because the actress playing a part doesn't have the vision of the whole. And that's what we need.

I cut my teeth on Stephen King as a teenager. But I can't name one living female big name horror author. The one I can name doesn't count because it wasn't horror, but fiction that centered around vampires.  I looked up the list on wikipedia, and several of the female authors listed as being "horror" writers actually aren't (paranormal, dark fantasy, etc).

That's where feisty publishers, like Mocha Memoirs Press come in to play. They take the stories, great stories, and give them a home. A place to be celebrated.

And a place where reader's can find the stories that make them shiver.... and turn on the night light.

Enjoy this month's offerings! MMP even has a special one to celebrate Women in Horror Month: The Grotesquerie, edited by Eden Royce. Just make sure to leave a light on :)

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