Friday, February 7, 2014

Back in Black or Between the line and behind the Scenes

*Kramer slides into the room*
Technically speaking I'm not late.
* adjust hem of shirt and pulls at waist band*
I'm just not early.

Every year Mocha Memoirs Celebrates February with our humble acknowledgement of African American History.  Seeing as though we also celebrate women "horror" writers during this month it only seems fitting at we blend the two.

MMP has always believed that "Black" history, is OUR history. And female writers on every front of speculative fiction are our future.

So today I'm giving you a little list of chics you should KNOW.

Sadly, no longer with us, L.A. Banks.  You might know her for her work on the "Soul Food" books and show, and you more than likely know she wrote some amazing contemporary romance. She had so many pen names I can't tell you who wrote what  BUT she did it all... including the "Vampire Huntress Series".

Tananarive Due... what can I say... Zombies...Vampires... all those things that are just quintessentially  "horror". We ain't talking cross over, we are talking flat out, guns blazing spook-tacular.

Helen Oyeyemei... This British world slinger mixes African traditions with skullduggary and drama to keep your skin crawling and the hair on your neck standing to attention.

Alaya Dawn Johnson... lets just put it this way... mobsters real life..prohibition MOBSTER  who are also bloodsucking vampire overlords. Imagine if "Quick" from the movie Harlem Nights was named because of his preternatural abilities...and blood was being served up and Sugar Rays... now make it as dark and gruesome as you can imagine. Its the best of the nitty gritty '20's

Janet Eckford... seriously...what rock do you live under if you don't know who Eckford  is?  You're missing out on all that is deliciously neurological/psychological about horror. Its not the bogey man that you should be scared of. Its not the witches nor aliens or creepy little dolls with eyes that follow you...ok so maybe you should be scared of those dogs... but its the people... the one looking you in the mirror... that Janet makes you afraid of...

Eden Royce...self proclaimed "Dark Geisha".. Royce  likes it dark bloody and sexy.  AND WE LOVE IT. A connoisseur of all things "horrific" Royce takes us on a journey, she just doesn't promise you'll come back unscathed.

The great thing about the last two ladies on the list... is that they have choosen MMP to be the home of some of their greatest horror gems.  We hope you check them out... but don't say we didn't warn you

*grabs holy water, blessed oil, crusifix, garlic, wooden stake, pistol with silver hollow points, grenande launcher, dream catcher,  double edged katana's and throwing stars...leaps from the stage and  tosses uv light bomb before leaving nothing but the sound of her retreating boot steps behind*

Its creep as *BLEEP* in here in the dark!

See you next month...


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  1. Thanks for the mention, Drea!

    I've read something by everyone in this list and you've listed some amazing authors with some creepy imaginations!