Friday, February 21, 2014

C'est si bon

I recently came back from a business trip in New Orleans and feel inspired by the magic of the city.  As a writer there is no better feeling then inspiration and needless to say New Orleans has a plethora of it. As my schedule has sped up some I'm holding on to my 2014 commitment of pouring more energy into my writing with a white knuckle grip. Although I didn't have a chance to put pen to paper for my craft, I took the time to enjoy the sparks of whimsical thoughts that ignited the few nights I wondered the streets of the French Quarter. Particularly the delicious chill I got each time I walked past a spot that felt heavy with history.

My inspiration doesn't currently have a direction or purpose but as it sits contently within the confines of my mind, I've no desire to pressure it to give me more. It's good enough that it's there and I'm patient enough to wait until it unfurls it's wings and allows my imagination to fly.

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  1. Beautifully written, Janet. (BTW: Are you at all into the TV series "The Originals?" I ask only because it's set in the French Quarter.)