Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Onward and beyond

****peeks into the auditorium and sighs, greatly in appreciation for the empty seats****

*** strolls to center stage and whispers softly to the stage manager***

** rolls shoulders and takes yet another deep breath**

* clears throat*

Humbly, good brethren I entreat the, forgive please my transgressions.  I meant no disrespect nor deception. I only wanted to find my way.  Find a way to be more than just a mere hanger on. More than just a jester in the court of mighty scribes. Foolhardy, yes.  I have but to look into the last pages and see that I was making a mockery of the gift. Claiming that to which I truly had no rights. I claimed to be an author, a writer, a scribe, when truly I am but a charlatan. An impostor. An actor in stage make up and over-sized clothes. A caterpillar who has yet to transform... wrapped in the cocoon of ... fear. Fear of being found out. Found lacking, found inept. I've been but a criminal on the lam waiting to be caught out.

Sadly you've yet to call me out on my scam so I'm here, turning myself in  *falls on knees and holds hands out awaiting shackles* I beg for thy mercy. For thy anger. Give me some peace in your condemnation. Scold me! Acknowledge my skulduggery and  snake oil selling ... *wicked grin*.

Be aghast, shocked, entertained! Tis for naught if you weren't at least ENTERTAINED. My pain ...*wailing* my pain *crocodile tears* has all been but a show... an act to cover an act. Devised to  snare your attention, draw you deep deep deeper still in to... shadows that masquerade as light. Demons disguised as saviors. Mares of the night riding hard under the cloak of dreams. Be moved! BE SOMETHING!  Be ANYTHING BUT INDIFFERENT!

Read again the blank spaces between each word. FEEL ... me... for thats where I am... where I've always been. Waiting. Wanting. Longing for you to find me. Find me and love me and set me free.

In the white space where words stop.

Find me.

*falls prone on the floor and breaths raggedly*

** shouts up at the stage manager*  "well"
*** gasps for breath waiting***
**** lights go out and the muse feigns a dramatic sigh and yells " it was great drama queen, now can we do what you're supposed to be doing? Can we write about stuff? Can you get off the ghat dayum floor like a kid and do your job.****

***** sits up on elbows and mouths in the darkness*****  " jack ass.. that was award worthy, that was...that was genius!!! I deserve..."

******feels the hot breath of the muse across her neck and wonders how she didn't hear the click clack of his shoes as he crossed the stage floor and wrapped his arms under her breast to lift her roughly from behind and growling darkly, barely more than lips moving, vibrating against her skin.******

"you deserve a to be left here in the dark, and i shall do exactly that if you don't put that ass *feels the sharp sting of a pinch on her denim clad rear* in that chair and write.  Its a new year and i've no tolereance for your shenanigans. and thats Sir Jack Ass, Miss"

Well damn... guess y'all know where I've been...and where i'm going!

Join me and my new cohosts for the new Drea and Milana Show on blog talk... and watch this spot. I might actually be on time this year.

For your entertainment... i humbly submit.