Monday, October 21, 2013

Shhh...Whispers in the Dark is here...

I will refrain from being too smug in this post but I am quite pleased with myself. I've put together a collection of shorts that I believe do a fine job of weaving through the world of the macabre. When I think of horror, I don't just picture a man with a butcher knife ready to cut me to neat little pieces. I also don't focus on just ghouls and goblins, haunting the shadows of a darkened room. For me, the thrill of the scare is housed in a reality of fear. Could this happen to me? No matter how implausible it may appear, if my life was shaped as the character in the narrative, could I too experience something like this. This definitely speaks to the suspension of disbelief theory but for me when it comes to horror, I should want to deny the facts that are presented to me because to acknowledge them would acknowledge just how vulnerable I can be.

When I wrote these stories I thought of the implausible and the importance of suspension of disbelief, but I tried to stay grounded in the human desire to deny at all costs what can harm them. The reptilian part of the brain should be activated and when my readers close their eyes at night, a little voice should whisper ever so softly to them, "It's always safer to be afraid of what's in the dark."

Happy Reading!

Whispers in the Dark

The floorboards squeak but you aren’t moving, there’s a fleeting caress across your shoulder but you’re alone, a light rapping on your window and yet, there is no rain. These are whispers in the dark. Delve inside a world where intuition is key and negligent dismissal can cost one their life.
Thirteen tales of encounters that will make you question if everything is as it seems. Thirteen tales that will make you just a little more conscious of that stranger on the street, that scratching at your backdoor, that telltale silence in your home…

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