Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Writer's Block...or The Curse of the Intrepid Story Teller

*peeks in, runs and jumps over the back of the couch, lands with limbs akimbo and pillows flying*
SuP people.  I’m just up, sipping hot chocolate and watching the new adventures of pippie longstockings.  I love this movie.
Pippie harkens me to my childhood daydreams and those childhood day dreams keep me entertained so much that …OH SHIT THEre IS A SPIDER….

Ok, SORRY! I forgot there was a spider right there in this movie…. What was I saying?
Childhood day dreams and… oh, now I remember. My daydreams keep me so nicely entertained that I forget to do what I’m supposed to be doing. 
Well, its not that I forget, I just have writer’s block.
No writers block is the same as another’s. though we all have commonalities.
Me, I’m one of those “everything is a block  type of chics.
I’m much more of a story teller than a writer anyway.   The prospect of wrangling the words in my mind into acceptable grammatical order is daunting even for the most technically trained editor.

Multiply that by a billion for me and you have what in my case is the most epic study in stage fright ever known to any writer ever.
I’d much rather TELL  you a story that put it to paper.
And then there’s the other things. Life, Drama. Illness and distractions and well there you have it. My drive to WRITE is on the back seat, but alas all of those are excuses that I use to cover the big excuse…fear.

That stage fright is just a big ole case of fear. Performance anxiety if you will.
Will it be entertaining, Will my editors revolt and vow never to work for the publisher again.  Will it be good enough to stand up next to my peers, will it be good enough to be pirated, How much can I make before it hits the black market ( hey I got real tangible worries aka BILLS). Have I typecast myself into a genre.  Is Nicole Givens kurts going to  make me walk the plank for consitantly being late late late.
SO, I bake another cake, whip up another meal, surf the net watch tv sleep
Anything other than write.
And I entertain you with as many anecdotes as I can…because I’d rather tell  a story for free than charge for a story and not get paid.
But like all writers, I  eventually get over myself long enough to finish something ….its just not going to be today. Today I’ll have to attended the business of moving…I hate that… but I’m excited.

Having said that, I’m taking my Hot Chocolate back to the couch and hopefully going to sleep. Before I get caught.

I promise, I’ll be closer to on time next month…. And what with a move and yet the need for a new daytime job…you know I’ll have something worth telling. 

ps I'll give the person who knows the name of this font a big round of applause-- and maybe something else. 
Answer in the comments!'


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