Monday, May 13, 2013

SK Presents: "A Healer's Bond" By Raelynn Blue

Good afternoon, my lovelies! It's Siobhan, back with a new book for your perusing pleasure. This month we're moving into a new category: Fantasy. Well, romantic fantasy. Just keep reading, because the more I talk, the less sense I'm going to make.


Q&A #3:
Erotic Romantic Fantasy

1. Adele saves Wyatt's life twice within hours. How?

2. Who is Horea and what's his reason for wanting Wyatt?

3. What are the noir oscuros?

4.What is Adele's connection to Wyatt's home?

5. What as the connection between Hyden and Greensboro?


The John Doe bleeding out on the ER gurney had to be the sexiest man Adele had ever seen. Too beautiful to die. As an ER nurse, she works to save him, but her bond–her connection–to him lingers long after he’s out of danger. What she didn’t expect was that before the night was over her life would end up in his strong, surprisingly capable hands. Wyatt Young’s exile had few perks—condemned to Greensboro, he had a steady stream of loud, cranky people, and lousy food. Constantly hunted by his uncle, he’s startled when he wakes up shirtless in a hospital, with his sword missing and his torso ripped apart. A beautiful healer helps him recover—a healer he can’t stop thinking about even when he passes out. A bond is formed between Adele and Wyatt—one they can’t fight. Wyatt’s uncle seeks to make Adele his personal healer—at any cost. Adele is the key to Wyatt’s salvation and his redemption. He won’t let her go without a fight. Ever.
This was definitely a sizzling hot read! Check it out for yourself and be sure to let us know what you thought.

Tune in next month for a new book and all new questions!

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