Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fredrick Book Festival

 I'm back and fashionably late with my blog post. I attended the event with fellow publishing authors, Serenity King, Stephanie Burke, and Reana Malori on behalf of Beautiful Trouble Publishing.
Of course, I had a blast and am now fully exhausted, but one of the things the festival taught me was the value of putting yourself out there--as an author and as a publishing partner. Most people know that Nicole and I work very closely at MMP, but most do not know how closely we work with other publishers too.
It's important to maintain those relationships and support each other. The festival taught me the value of planning and asking the right questions. Overall, despite the cold weather, I had a very good time. I grabbed a lot of ideas about marketing too. Let's hope we can put some of those into practice for both myself and for MMP.

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