Friday, March 1, 2013

Is there room for erotic horror?

Hey kids!  It's yer old pal Alexandra Christian, taking over the blog on the 2nd day of each month.  Yes, it's frightening.  The staff over at Mocha Memoirs have seen fit to give me free reign for the day.  I know... what were they smokin'?  In case you aren't familiar with me and my exploits, I write the Strange Bedfellows series for MMP.  In that series, and in other books I'm currently pimpin' out--- I've become known as the "erotic horror girl."  Strangely, I wasn't actually aware that it was a genre.  I just thought I was a weirdo, but evidently there are others that think like me.  Erotic horror, as defined by me, is a subgenre of romance in which the hero and heroine are put into extreme situations and their love triumphs all despite blood, violence and death.  That's a loose definition of course.  Think Freddy Kruger and his girlfriend rampaging down Elm Street with sex stops at each of the houses of their victims. 

Now some of you might be thinking, "How is this different from paranormal romance?"  Well... paranormal romance still has that emphasis on ROMANCE.  There has to be a lovey-dovey happily ever after ending.  With erotic horror, its all about the visceral experience.  The author wants you to be scared and turned on simultaneously.  Its not so explicit as splatterpunk, though it can be.  And strangely enough, this particular subgenre is comin' out screamin'.  Lots of publishers have decided to give erotic horror a chance and there are some great books just on the verge. So keep a lookout.

On that note, my Strange Bedfellows series is an example of erotic horror, though its pretty light.  But there's people rising from the dead, explicit descriptions of zombies and necromantic rituals, human marionettes.... it can get pretty dark. But I promise there's also healthy doses of comedy and sex.  The first installment, "Three to Tango" is a m/m/f menage piece that introduces the series and the new installment (dropping on March 2nd) adds a few more characters and is quite a bit darker.  But... the blurb below will give you a better idea than I can.... 

What would you give for one more night?

Rhys and Elizabeth Grayson had a charmed life. A beautiful house, a passionate marriage and a bright future ahead, until one day, their dreams were shattered when Rhys suddenly died. Alone and drowning in grief, Elizabeth has nowhere to turn until she stumbles across Cali Barrows and The Oubliette. The otherworldly talents of Cali and her vampire lovers, André and Leo, are Elizabeth’s only hope for being reunited with her beloved. But the journey into the ethereal is a dangerous one and lost souls are not easily found. How far is Elizabeth willing to go to say goodbye? How far to feel the warmth of his phantom caress?

Doesn't that just sound deliciously sexy and sinister?  Or maybe it's just me....

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