Sunday, March 10, 2013


When I was asked if I could do some blog posts for MMP, I immediately asked for the 10th of the month, and if I could do it as a sort of writing game. And since my writing is as eclectic as my reading, we’re in for a wild ride. On the tenth of the month, I will present you my writing, by tens. Ten words, ten lines of poetry, ten sentences, ten paragraphs… You get the idea. I love writing games (but am horrible at word games), so this should be fun!

This first one is ten words, and was chosen to show the power of words themselves. Many people throw words around carelessly, while writers know the importance of each and every one.

 You say:
I’m stupid
and weak.
I say:
You’re wrong.

Till next month,

Wynelda-Ann Deaver


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