Thursday, October 11, 2012

In the Dark Light: The Water Has Memory

Throughout the month of October, Mocha Memoirs Press will point the dark light on one of our published horror stories. These stories will scare, thrill, and make you leave the light on at night. Horrifyingly good, our Dark Light stories are quick downloads and are less than $3.00 USD.

This week's dark light title is The Water Has Memory by Pete Zimmerman. This tale brings up thoughts of H.P.  Lovecraft's works.

Blurb: One of Dr. Nigel Hawkston’s oldest friends, Richard,  is deathly ill, hiding in the desert of an obscure American territory called Arizona because he’s terrified of water.

From a centuries old convent in Tucson, Richard sends a telegram to Dr. Nigel Hawkston in London, asking him to please come, and to please hurry. Richard’s odd phobia will only be the first of many strange and disturbing things that Dr. Hawkston will uncover. He will learn the horrible meaning of the old homeopathic concept that The Water Has Memory.

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