Thursday, October 4, 2012

In the Dark Light: The Scream of the Siren

Throughout the month of October, Mocha Memoirs Press will point the dark light on one of our published horror stories. These stories will scare, thrill, and make you leave the light on at night. Horrifyingly good, our Dark Light stories are quick downloads and are less than $3.00 USD.

This week's dark light title is The Scream of the Siren by Jessica Housand-Weaver.

Blurb: Jen Hanover, depressed and reclusive after her husband’s suicide, finds her life changed forever when she meets a mysterious, brooding rebel named Alejandro. At first, he seems to be exactly what Jen needs. But things quickly spiral out of control as Alejandro reveals the frightening extent of his obsessive nature and violent past. Desperate to end the dangerous affair, Jen is determined to be free of him. Yet the more she tries to escape from Alejandro’s passionate clutches, the more threatening he becomes. The story unravels with heart-pounding suspense as Jen finds herself up against a criminal mind, far more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. In the end, Jen discovers not only the darkest truths about love and the human condition, but must also face the lurking demons within herself.

Grab a copy of this dark mocha delight at our website, Mocha Memoirs Press.

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