Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Write HorrorErotica by Eden Royce

Horrotica is exactly what it sounds like: a genre that is a combination of fear and lust. And it’s gaining popularity with publishers and readers. How do you write a horrotica story? Here are a few things your
story should include:

Sex: Seems obvious, but many publishers lament that they receive great horror stories that are too light on the sexy stuff. Find a way to incorporate sensual description in your story. Have your demon ravish
your heroine after he plunges his sinuous tongue – ahem. Well, you get the idea.

Be scary: Again, seems obvious. However, this is the part where some romance writers struggle. They get the intimacy part down pat, but tend to hold back on creating an atmosphere of fright. Horrotica
readers want to shudder, cringe and squirm a bit. They want to say, “Ew…” before they say, “Ohhhh…”

So let go and raise the stakes. Inspire fear. Your readers will love it.

Make us care: Tell me something about your characters besides their names and that they are about
to get horizontal. Find a way to make your read identify with one or more of your players. Why is
she ready to take the risk of performing that ancient ritual? Why did the sight of your hero draw your
heroine from the underworld to claim him?

Embrace the season: October is the time to be creative, silly, sexy, and terrifying. Simultaneously. Let
the approaching holiday creep in and help you design the perfect mix of horror and erotica. Because
sometimes, there’s a fine line between the two. Cross it.

Eden Royce is a multi-genre writer. Her latest release from Mocha Memoirs Press, THE SNOW MAIDEN, demonstrates Eden's virtuoso writing skills. Try rher works today.

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