Thursday, October 18, 2012

In the Dark Light: Said the Demon

Throughout the month of October, Mocha Memoirs Press will point the dark light on one of our published horror stories. These stories will scare, thrill, and make you leave the light on at night. Horrifyingly good, our Dark Light stories are quick downloads are fantastic fast reads.

This week's dark light title is Said the Demon by Billy London.

Blurb: Artist, Evangeline Mensah is slowly losing the mind beneath her afro. A part of it has to do with rock star, Gabriel Walker strolling his fine self into her exhibition, after giving her the best night of her life and looking quite determined to do so again. The other part is all about the strange things happening to her home and the dreams she’s having. Dreams that make her feel really odd around cool, fashion photographer Michael Lee. Not to mention they feature women who turn up dead.
Instinct and an over protective Gabriel warn her to steer clear of Michael but there is something so familiar about Michael, she can’t help but be drawn to him regardless that darkness seems to be surrounding him. And it’s just coincidence that he just happens to live one solitary floor above her own home. That’s all. Coincidence.

Grab a copy of this dark mocha delight at our website, Mocha Memoirs Press.

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