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We are proud to feature some of our favorite authors doing what they do best: drawing us in, filling us with emotion, and taking us on an adventure.
So to kick things off, we'll start with a woman who publicly addresses herself as 
"the carebear of debauchery", Janet Eckford.

Carbon Copy.
Janet Eckford

            Jackson finished typing in the last of the schematics for the research he and his team were working on. Rolling his shoulders he looked briefly over at the clock and realized it was getting late. Pulling up an image of the kitchen he could see Georgia putting the finishing touches on his dinner. Smiling he thought about how much better this model was than his last prototype. She’d far surpassed what his team had expected when they’d developed the newest Artificial Intelligence chip. Sal had also out done himself with her artificial skin. They’d found that creating the dark hues of pigment were difficult to replicate with the experimental synthetic skin they’d created but Georgia’s glowed with a health and vitality that would fool the most discerning eye.
              When he and his colleagues debuted her next month he knew that people would be astounded. Some information was leaked and they’d needed to do some major PR work to clean up the mess of misinformation. Scowling as he powered down his computer he thought about all of the jokes about their project that had developed in their professional social circles. If he had to tell one more person that he wasn’t making the perfect sex toy he’d scream.
            Of course detractors were going to point out that the contours to which they modeled Georgia were suspect from a purely scientific aspect. Gathering up his paperwork and putting it in a pile he left it for Georgia to file away for him. What people didn’t understand was they were scientists and the quest for perfection was inherent to who they were. It would be ridiculous to create an AI Droid and have her look just like an average woman. Snorting he thought what a waste that would be. He and his team had spent hours in the design phase making sure that each angle and line of her body was perfect. It was hard work and all those naysayers were going to have to eat crow when she walked out on stage at the convention next month.
            The sound of his growling stomach brought him out of his reverie. Patting his protruding stomach he turned and walked out of his home office. Because of the leak he’d decided to bring Georgia home instead of keeping her in the laboratory. As the lead scientist on the project he felt it was his duty to make sure their investment was protected and it also provided an opportunity for analysis of how she functioned outside of a lab setting. The other men had been initially hesitant but, smiling to himself, Jackson thought that was one of the perks of being in charge.
            Following the tantalizing aromas of the dinner Georgia had cooked for him he walked into the kitchen. He couldn’t help the little surge of awareness that went through his body as he looked at her. Thoughts of last night reared to the front of his brain and he could feel a blush blossoming on his cheeks. He’d really had no interest in testing her sexual responses but the self-learning software they’d installed in her caused her to be very curious. She’d been insatiable since she’d learned what sex was. Jackson still didn’t know how he’d explain it to his colleagues but he’d have to cross that bridge when he got to it.
            “Oh, Jackson you startled me,” Georgia said with the husky breathy voice Jerry had programed her with.
            Pushing a wayward curl from her forehead she smiled over at him before she turned and pulled the lasagna she’d made from the oven. Looking at how her jeans hugged the firm muscles of her body he felt his body harden in anticipation. The smile she gave him over her shoulder caused him to move in her direction and gather her in his arms for a kiss. The feel of her soft lips on his caused him to sigh with happiness.
            Perfect. Just perfect he thought.
            “Food first,” she said breaking the kiss and moving away.
            Giving her another soft peck he turned and gathered up some of the food she’d prepared for him and walked into the dining room. He’d always eaten in the tiny breakfast nook in his kitchen but Georgia had been adamant that he’d start using the dining room instead. He smiled to himself when he thought about how she said it was the right thing to do. She must have picked it up in one of those women’s magazines she devoured.
            Placing the food on the table he sat down and started spooning food on his plate. Looking up he smiled as she watched him expectantly. He told her numerous times that her cooking was superb but she was always a little anxious about the fact she couldn’t taste it herself. He’d promised her that once they’d gotten other bugs worked out that he and his team would put that on their list of things to accomplish. Smiling around his fork he remembered just how she’d thanked him after his declaration. Making the appropriate noises of appreciation as he ate he took a sip of wine and continued to finish his meal. Placing his fork next to his plate he felt a wave of fatigue hit him.
            “You look tired Jackson,” Georgia said in a soothing tone.
            Opening his mouth to respond he responded with a jaw-cracking yawn. His eyes felt extremely heavy that he could barely keep them open long enough to look at Georgia. Moving to get out of his chair he felt as if his body was too heavy to even move. Leaning back he realized that taking a quick nap in the chair was probably the best thing to do.
            “I think I’m just going to doze for a bit,” he said before he was compelled to yawn again.
            “I can carry you to bed,” she replied leaning over to caress his hand.
            “I don’t need you to do that,” Jackson said with a frown.
            They’d done some work with her strength and she could definitely lift him, even with the extra pounds he had, but he did have some pride. He didn’t like the idea of his woman carrying him. Settling back in his chair with a smile, he wondered where that came from. He was going to have to be careful to not say that around his colleagues. They were already jealous of the bond he had with Georgia. Yawning once more as his eyes became to heavy to keep open Jackson thought about how great it was that his woman was just so perfect.
            Jackson woke with a start and for the briefest of moments was disoriented by his surroundings. Sitting up he realized that he was in his room, in his own bed, even though he told Georgia to leave him in the dining room. Scowling he swung his legs over the bed and walked through the dark room to his bathroom. His bladder felt like someone was tap dancing on it. Relieving himself he went to the sink to wash his hands and looked at himself in the mirror.
            He noticed that he looked like shit, not that he was going to win any Mr. Universe contest anytime soon but he definitely looked bad. His skin was sallow with huge dark circles under his eyes. Now that he had Georgia he was really going to have to step up his game. Running a hand through his oily hair he thought it might be time to get a gym membership. Even though he was a pretty tall guy it was obvious he could stand to loose a few pounds. Okay more than a few he thought turning to the side and sucking in his stomach. When it started to growl he smirked and thought that tonight wasn’t going to be the day he started though.
            Heading out of the bathroom back into his bedroom he grabbed his robe by the bed. Georgia had stripped him down to a t-shirt and boxers and he didn’t really want to go wondering around the house in them. Walking out of his room and down the hall Jackson headed toward the kitchen. Pilfering the refrigerator for ingredients to make a sandwich he placed the items on the kitchens island. Turning to the sink he began to run water to wash the tomato he was going to use when he looked out the window and noticed the lights on in the tiny building that housed his home laboratory. Turning the water off he began to frown.
            He couldn’t think what Georgia would be doing in the laboratory this late at night. Putting the tomato down on the counter he headed toward the back door. Opening the door and heading out into the night he stepped gingerly on the grass wet from dew. Once at the building he went to open the door but pause when he heard voices. Feeling his heart begin to speed up he wondered if one of his team had shown up while he was sleeping. He hadn’t actually seen his colleagues since he brought Georgia home. The project was mostly finalized and it made sense for them all to work remotely.
            Looking over at the control panel he reached over and began doing a system check. His code had been used to get inside. The only person beside himself that had it was Georgia. It was specifically configured to allow whomever that used it access to all of the system functions in the building. Scrolling through the menu he accessed schematics of the room. The computer was reading two people inside, one male and one female. Pushing down a ball of rage building inside of him Jackson had to take a deep breath.
            One of those suspicious bastards had come over while he was out and probably ordered Georgia to let him into the lab. They’d all installed voice activated commands in her programming system and could get her to do as they wished. Jackson knew that once he got her home he should have uninstalled all voice commands but his own. Typing in his backup code that allowed him to access the building without being detected he quietly opened the door. He could hear the melodious sounds of Georgia’s voice and a deeper male one. The males voice sounded familiar but he just couldn’t place it. He didn’t think it was Sal’s or Jerry’s. Walking further into the laboratory he followed the voices toward the back where he kept lab hospital.
            Creeping forward silently he paused when he saw Georgia sitting astride the man, rocking to a rhythm he was all too familiar of. He felt his chest tighten with rage at the thought of one of those bastards making her do what was only for the two of them. Because of his angle he still couldn’t see the man’s face but from what he could tell he was taller than Jerry. He looked about Jackson’s height, which meant it could only be Sal. When the reached up and placed his hands on Georgia’s hips to guide her movements, Jackson stood and watched in silent horror as Georgia’s back arched and she let out a breathy moan of release.
            She never made a noise like that with him. He was the only one that was supposed to give her pleasure. Through the haze of red his vision had become he watched as she leaned down and kissed the other man and purred with contentment. Having had enough Jackson stepped further into the room and made his presence known.
            “Get your hands off of her,” he growled out.
            If he wasn’t so angry he might have found the image of Georgia and the other man scrabbling to untangle their bodies amusing. Until he finally got a good look at the man and felt his entire body freeze. Now that he saw whom it was he knew why a tickle of familiarity pricked at his brain when he heard the voice and saw the body, it was Jackson. Well not him exactly as he looked now but a “him” that would be Jackson if he were perfect. Staring in shocked in fascination at his “other” he watched as his clone assessed him.
            “Jackson, you’re supposed to be asleep,” Georgia said in a chiding tone.
            He had no response as he watched his clone pull up pants over his narrowed hips. Still not breaking eye contact with Jackson his clone pulled a t-shirt over his head and covered the defined muscles of his chest and abs. There was almost a morbid curiosity looking at him made in this image.
            “How…I don’t…” he stuttered finally looking over at Georgia.
            She’d pulled on a light sundress while he was staring at his clone and stood there with her arms crossed over her chest and her lips pursed. She looked furious and he felt his own anger respond in kind. He didn’t know how this had happened but if it was what his brain was starting to slowly work out he was the one to be angry.
            “Babe, I told you he’d find out eventually,” his clone said reaching over to gently squeeze Georgia’s shoulder.
            “But I wasn’t ready yet, where not ready yet,” she responded with a forlorn look.
            “Don’t worry, it’ll still work out,” his clone said gathering her to his body in a side hug.
            Jackson felt his mouth opening and closing in disbelief. This wasn’t how this project was supposed to go. He was the creator not his creation. Moving toward Georgia he paused when his clone took a protective step in his direction. The harden look on the AI Droids face and the bunching of his muscles made Jackson reevaluate the situation.
            “Georgia, power down. Command 3489,” Jackson stated with a great deal of authority.
            Waiting, he watched in horror as Georgia sighed with resignation and shook her head. Repeating his order he felt beads of sweat form on his brow. That was the fail safe he and his team built into the model incase of any malfunctions. She should have powered down, leaving him to have to worry about the clone she’d created.
            “I uninstalled that function and quite a few others awhile ago, Jackson. I knew I should have put more of that sleep agent in your food. This is really going to mess with my timetable,” she sighed again as she turned to the table at her side. Lifting a syringe she checked the dosage before she turned back to him.
            “That’s not possible. We…I mean I…” Jackson trailed off as he watched Georgia and his clone exchange a look.
            “Oh Jackson,” Georgia said sadly, “Computer, lock down facilities. Command 7839.”
            “Lock down commencing,” the computers automated voice responded.
            “This isn’t happening,” Jackson said to no one in particular as he watched the two AI Droids staring back at him.
            It was one of the last thoughts he had before they’d wrestled him to the ground and stuck the syringe in him. The other, “But it was all so perfect.” 

The End
If you like Janet's short story, feel free to grab a copy of her two MMP titles, BEAUTY & THE GEEK: I HEART GEEKS and STILL ANOTHER DAY.
MochaNote:  Janet Scares the SugarHoneyIcedTea out of Drea  

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