Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nevea Lane Returns with Big News

Mocha Memoirs Press Is proud to announce the new release from NEVEA LANE!!!!

Nevea has been quite the busy pen warrior lately. If you missed the announcement, SHE GOT ENGAGED AND MARRIED over the Memorial Day Weekend.  Nevea is known for saying she "lives on the run". So we wouldn't expect anything less from her.
So here's to her awesometastic nuptials and her new release!   Congrats Nevea!!!!

Nikolas Perminov’s assignment in America was finished. His project was a success, and now he could go home to his beloved Russia and hide behind his telescope. He couldn’t help to feel a sense of loss when he realized his assignment being finished meant that he would no longer see his assistant, Eloise. He was sure that Eloise didn’t look at him as a man but as her bore of a boss.

Eloise, however, couldn’t get to sleep at night without thinking about her sexy boss and those azure eyes that hid behind his glasses. If it were up to her, she would throw herself at him and make him whisper Russian phrases in her ear. She also knew that being the hellion she was, she would never fit
into his organized world. With one night left together, these two will need help from the stars to see they are perfect for each other.

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