Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Interview with Andre deBeaumanoir, vampire.

Greetings from North Myrtle Beach, SC!  I decided to take a little time out of my vacation to bring you all a new blog post!  I thought it might be fun to interview one of the main characters of my MMP series, Strange Bedfellows.  The first two in that series, "Three to Tango," and "His Phantom Caress" are currently available in the MMP store, Amazon, B&N, and All Romance.  So go check it out and get to know Andre.  He's a snarky, bisexual, French knight with a salacious appetite for blood.  Trust me... you'll like him.  But if you don't believe me...


Andre, thanks for coming with me to the Mocha Memoirs blog. We have a couple questions we’d like you to share with our readers:

1.       It’s a big rumor that vampires don’t like summer.  Is that true?
Well as any Goth kid could tell you, wearing all black in the summertime is pretty uncomfortable.  Over the years I’ve learned to cope: linen shirts rather than cotton, midnight skinny dipping in the pool, and of course sunglasses are always most fashionable during the summer months.
2.        Tell us about your most current adventure.

I’m a star of the Strange Bedfellows series written by Alexandra Christian.  In the last adventure, our damsel in distress took us into the afterlife to rescue the spirit of her dead husband.  We ended up contracting the services of a rather dubious necromancer, a Grim Reaper and a golem.  The story ended on quite a cliffhanger, but no worries—the next installment is due out this year.  I’ll be going into Hell to rescue my human lover from the clutches of the afore mentioned sexy necromancer. 

 3.       What is your most favorite thing to do? Or, do you have a super power?

I’m afraid that my favorite thing to do is something I’m not sure I can discuss on a public blog (wiggling eyebrows), but I’m quite certain you could guess.  I suppose that could also be counted among my super powers…

4.        Alright, lightning round.  I’m going to ask you some short answer questions and you just give     
         a quick, one or two word answer.  Ready?

I’m always ready.

·          Favorite color:  Maroon.  It goes with everything.

·         Favorite song:  Moondance, Van Morrison

·         Favorite meal:  Busty redheads.

·         Favorite movie:  The Bride of Frankenstein

·         Boxers or briefs?  Neither.  Vampires don’t wear underwear.

·         Mountains or beach?  They both look the same at night.

·         Comedy or tragedy?  Tragedy, of course.  I’m a vampire.
Blurb from "Three to Tango."
“…vampires can be dangerous to your health.”
A truer statement had never been uttered, but when Cali stumbled upon The Oubliette, she began to realize the wisdom in those words. Broken-hearted and bored, Cali’s life had become a string of TV dinners and romance novels. She wondered where her life was going until she followed the mysterious stranger through the red door and entered a world that few would ever know existed. A world of vampires, werewolves and pleasure beyond imagination. Within the walls of The Oubliette, Cali will embark on a dangerous and sensual journey of discovery that will change her life forever.

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