Thursday, August 2, 2012

The World is Full of...What?

Mocha Memoirs Press Author,  Shiree McCarver, is a bestselling author of interracial romance. In this blog post, the successful Shiree, gives advice on well, advice on writing.

You can also read Shiree's Beauty & the Geek: Zola's Magic Touch, and see firsthand how Shiree uses her writer's voice and skills.
The World is full of it... "Full of what?" You ask...
...FULL OF ADVICE. It's coming out of the “Wa-Hoo” from every direction. Even if you don't want to hear it...boom, there it is. I have found the writing world is full of it; mostly telling you how to be a better writer. I have yet to figure out how anyone can give
you that advice and you still maintain your voice as a writer. In spite of all the hands that can make a book better, only one voice can make it happen at all. It doesn’t matter how stubborn you have to become, hold onto the gift that is yours alone. Your "writer’s voice" is and will be that driving force that keeps the words coming to the page, long
after you think your best works are behind you. It will be the answer you need when you think there are no ways you can top that last piece of work.

I admire the writers that can sit down and can be so constructive in their writing. They know where it's going and how it's going to get there. I'm not one of them. I wish I could be and when I tried, I got writer’s block. I start by writing down the basic research for a character outline so I can keep my people straight and the rest comes as I write. Most of my best received books have been through my Summer Free Reads that are cold
writings from week to week. I know I'm long winded in my writing and my readers know that.

When I tried to be the writer that all the advice columns and books advised I needed to do to be successful, I found that I had to choose my own path that makes me a good writer. The first thing I did was make peace with myself over those who wanted to dump my novels from their list of books to read and leave me by the wayside. I stopped taking those comments personally and focused my energy on reaching only those who are
interested in my style and my long winded purple prose.

This is what I've learned:
--Be true to yourself and your vision.
--If you write the way you love, it won't feel like work.
--Don't do it to get rich; do it because you love what you do and the money will come.
--An opinion is one thing. Turning your voice into theirs is another. It's not others’ careers in jeopardy, it's yours. If you must fail, let it be on your own terms. If you’ve tried and failed, you will still feel as if you succeeded because you tried your best with what you had to bring to the table.

--Failure is not an option. Dust yourself off and try again, this time being true to your own gifted voice even if you have to publish it yourself.

Remember, just like I have just done, I’ve only given you my opinion based on MY LIFE experiences which have nothing to do with you or YOUR LIFE experiences. Those you have to bring to your style of writing. Advice is all it is. It doesn't need to be your mantra or your bible unless it helps you to achieve YOUR dreams of which type of writer you want to be and what you want to be known for.

Don't follow a niche. Build your own and allow others to use you as an example instead of becoming part of what is already out there. No one becomes memorable by working “inside the box” all the time. Remember you can say "fuck you" with only a nod and a smile and none shall be the wiser as you continue to not compromise.

Happy creativity, regardless of what it may be!

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