Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spill It late!

(peeking out of corner) Pssssst...Anybody seen Nicole around? (looking from side to side) Okay...I'm coming out but you guys WILL warn me if she comes up won't you? (eye roll) Probably not but I'll take my chances anyway. (slips out) My life is currently in jeopardy because I might have...sort have...possibly forgotten to remind Marteeka Karland--or as we call her Teeks the Freak--to send me back her answered questions. Now what we're all gonna do for MY sake is pretend like today is Wednesday and enjoy the fact that we got to pick The Princess' brain. Sound like a plan? Oh, good. Let's get started then...

Q) What made you decide to become a writer?—Question by reader Jill Bryant. 
A) Because of a story I wrote in the third grade. My teacher singled me out because she loved it. She NEVER singled me out for good things. Not until then. I think the positive reinforcement from an otherwise crabby old bag (KIDDING!!) (KINDA) made me truly believe I could do this.

Q) Besides being a bestselling author, what other goals/dreams do you have? Aka: what do you wanna be when you grow up?—Question by author Shirelle Higgins
A) I wanna be an ASTRONAUT!!! *sigh* ok. fine. *grumble* I just wanna be a beach  bum. I could SO handle sitting poolside with my fuzzy navel on the table and a ready supply of sunscreen for the rest of my life... okokok, so a poolside beach bum. :P

Q)When you write a story that does really well is there ever pressure to make the next one just as successful or do you just go with the flow and let the chips fall where they may? How do you handle the ups and downs of the business?—Question by reader A.W. Brad
A) Sure. Pressure. No, not really. I just want to tell the best story I can. OKOKOK, so yeah. Pressure. I never want to disappoint anyone. I'm adult enough to know you can't please everyone, but I'm a firm believer in, just because you can't do something, doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

Q)What’s the one story line you haven't tackled but you'd actually PAY to be able to write?—Question by author Dréa Riley
A) A fem dom who has a mate man enough to let her be the dominant but isn't a wimpy guy. She's the warrior. He's the poet. She takes point in life, but he's the dominant in bed and all things emotional.

Q)Do you research stories? If so, what's the furthest you'd ever go to get the story?—Question by author Eden Royce
A) Always. And i'm remembering a trip to Anabells in Charlotte before the panel me and Shara were on. Though Shara bought WAY more than I did. I really need to point that out... (quick Nikki edit)--Um are we shocked the small one bought...Okay...I'm just gonna slip out of this one...

Q) When you write a character how much of you or people you know are that imitated in that character?—Question by reader Cherryce Williams   
A)  Not so much me or people I know, but yes. There are elements there. Mostly situations. I'm recalling the nursing home with all the witches and familiars where the residents turn the staff into goats and such for fun or make themselves look like they're dead just to watch the ensuing chaos. Yeah. That's my life. *sigh*

Q) What hurts worse; a bad fan review, peer review, or critic's review?—Question by reader Cece Dreams  
A) Bad reviews that have nothing to do with the content of the book. Or reviews of 2 out of 5 stars with comments like, "this book was really interesting. i loved it!" I'm like WTF??? I'm not perfect. I welcome reviews from readers, peers and critics. I may not LIKE what they have to say, but I guarantee I'll learn something from it.

Q) Which comes first for you; the character(s), or the story idea?—Question by author Thomas Olbert.
A) Depends. Sometimes I start with a general feeling. An emotion I want to convey. Other times, I'll start with the hero or heroine and build a story around them. Then again, sometimes I have a story idea and I fit my characters to that world/situation. So, I guess you could say all three. I've been inspired by movies, songs... NCIS, IMO could be a really cool erotic series. :D

Q) Is your writing life imitating art or art imitating life? –Question by author Dréa Riley 
A) Art imitating life. Let's face it. I love the men I create, but I don't expect men to really BE that way. LOL

Q)What’s next for you as an author?—Question by author Nikki Winter
A)The next book. ALWAYS the next book...

Marteeka Karland aka Princess Teeka
Isn't she adorable with her titled crown and sceptre that's really made from a whip and Lord knows what else she has in her closet? (ducking Teeka's swinging hands) Seriously though folks, Teeka's great...a bit touched in the head (brow raise) But still great! She's always working at her craft, discovering new ways to perfect it and as time goes on she manages to bring something new to the table. To peek a little more into the land of Princess Teeka, you can shoot right over here to and you can also check out her latest addition to MMP with the help of a small and very aggressive tyrant right over here at Now that I do believe my work is done, I shall run...because seriously I think I see Nicole (gets up and flees)

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