Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spill It Wednesday...ON TIME!!!!

Look at me! Making progress! I'm actually on time today and doing what needs to be done...blah...blah...blah...and all that jazz. Great huh? Okay so allow me to introduce you folks who are new, to someone who is possibly more dangerous than I and Drea combined...(brow raise) I still think TJ--The Jeanie-- was playing around with folks DNA but that's not the point. Wait was the point again? My mild case of ADHD distracted me again. Oh yeah! We were talking about someone on my list of favorites! Nevea Lane! Or as I like to call her--Techy 1.0. Let's just say chick's a bit and byte genius. I'll not say more because I do believe the whole posse is already on the FBI watch list...How about you guys just, you know, read more about her....

Q) What made you decide to become a writer?—Question by reader Jill Bryant.
A) What made me want to become a writer?  Revenge.  Seriously, a fourth grade teacher of mine was always on my case that I didn’t read enough, I didn’t study enough, I was always something ‘not enough’ in comparison to her oh so stellar daughter in the same grade.  I made a vow to beat that chick after that point in everything, including writing. Not to mention the teacher thought I was remedial. If she only knew what was going on in my life at that age…but I digress.   What started as revenge turned into a passion and once I began reading more, I found myself wanting to change what happened in the book/movie/soap opera.  So my ego decided that in order to feed my need for a good ending up to my standards (snotty isn’t she) I must write them.  But as Toni Morrison said, “I wrote my first novel because I wanted to read it.” It went from revenge, to passion to an addiction. (Nikki edit…I think said fourth grade teacher should be very grateful that Techy either didn’t wanna do juvenile time or she had some self restraint. IJS)

Q) Besides being a bestselling author, what other goals/dreams do you have? Aka: what do you wanna be when you grow up?—Question by author Shirelle Higgins
A) I want to be a Queen of all Trades.  I’ve said many times that I know a little bit about a lot of things.  Whether it is languages, trying to master my 4th now, or accounting, which is where I work for money, or to become one hilarious screenwriter, I’m ever learning.  I don’t’ think I will ever grow up.  I still watch the Thundercats, I still moon over 90210, I get geeked when I hear about comic book movies… I will never grow up… lol.  (Isn’t she adorable? Like ANYONE around here has grown up…We’re a bunch of teenagers in adult bodies)

A)When you write a story that does really well is there ever pressure to make the next one just as successful or do you just go with the flow and let the chips fall where they may? How do you handle the ups and downs of the business?—Question by reader A.W. Brad
Q)Pressure? There is always pressure, and I think as authors we are our own worst enemy when it comes to pressure.  We are never satisfied with what we write, which is why most won’t revisit what they write because they will try to rewrite it.   There is always going to be that pressure, whether it is in your own head, from critics, from family, there is always going to be some form of pressure.  How you deal with the pressure is another different story.   I would like to say I let the chips fall where they may, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to hip-check (hockey term I’m Minnesotan by default) the chips and try to influence their falling in my favor.  

Q)What’s the one story line you haven't tackled but you'd actually PAY to be able to write?—Question by author Dréa Riley  
A)The one story line I haven’t tackled is the dark side of love.   I try to keep my topics light, and I try to stay on the funny side of things, but there is always a dark side somewhere… Love makes you do crazy things… I would love to freak someone out of their comfy chair but bring them back down lightly.

Q)Do you research stories? If so, what's the furthest you'd ever go to get the story?—Question by author Eden Royce  
A)Yes, even the simple things I research.  When I wrote Java Rain, I researched a lot for a short read, like where is the coffee produced in New Guinea, things like that.  What is the furthest I’ve ever gone for a story… don’t drink anything right now because you will spit it out… I was a stripper, for two days, made some money, not enough to stay but good fodder for books.  (Nikki edit…I…I…nope…no comment. Love you Techy!)

Q)When you write a character how much of you or people you know are that imitated in that character?—Question by reader Cherryce Williams  
A)There is a piece of myself in every character I write, from male to female.  I try to inject realness as much as possible even though what we do is create fantasy.  If you have that certain level of realism in every character, readers don’t feel that sense of ‘oh that will never happen.

Q)What hurts worse; a bad fan review, peer review, or critic's review?—Question by reader Cece Dreams
A)Peer reviews hurt the most because as peers, do we ever get the right to rag on someone who is just starting out?  I mean we’ve all been there, at the beginning, when we were still learning and figuring out our voice.  To have a peer totally kneecap a newbie with the crowbar is just hurtful.

Q)Which comes first for you; the character(s), or the story idea?—Question by author Thomas Olbert
A)For me, it is the character.  The character usually determines what happens in the story.

Q) Is your writing life imitating art or art imitating life? –Question by author Dréa Riley
A)It is definitely art imitating life.  Although in some cases it needs to be ‘fancied’ up to make it less surreal and more believable.

Q)What’s next for you as an author?—Question by author Nikki Winter
A) There is a series I’m desperately trying to finish and I’m working on writing action/thriller within the romance.  That is my next step to taking on the world. 

And there you have it people. The inner workings of Nevea's mind. She sounds pretty sane doesn't she? Surprised? ooooh I'm telling her you said that you thought she was crazy! Nope, don't deny it now! (grin) Now who looks crazy? (eye roll) Anyways I think you all should know one of her newest additions to MMP can be found here and that you should really go and buy DO IT.... 


  1. Nevea sounds so normal! There still needs to be a HBO series made of her life. IJS

  2. Errr, I'm quite sane, got the paper to prove it...(they should totally revamp those tests *wink*)

  3. Very nice my fellow Aquarian. Very nice;)