Saturday, November 1, 2014

Autumn: A Time of Change

Judging by the dreary, rainy, lovely (and I write that with no sarcasm what so ever) weather out side, it is fall. The transition time between two of my favorite seasons, summer and winter. A lot of changes take place during the fall season: leaves change color, it gets colder and daylight savings time ends. 

You don't look like your picture!
 Halloween is the highlight of fall, where people, young and old, dress up in costumes and enjoy themselves. I dressed up at Nick Fury, much to the delight of my children’s friends. I wore a Nick Fury badge around my neck and as I was signing in to the school, the security guard remarks “You don’t look like your picture,” to which I replied “Look at it with one eye.” Rimshot!!

I must say, however, my most favorite part of fall is watching the leaves change from green to gold and red during the season in New Jersey. It is such a beautiful display that makes up for the wacky hurricane weather: some days are 70 degrees, other days are cold, wet and rainy.

Enjoy fall - it’s your wonderfully temperate walk into winter…depending of course, on where you live.

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Reluctant Magic - A Short Story
Not only does “Reluctant Magic” take place during the fall season, it is also a book about transition. Kami is a gifted witch who shuns her gifts because of the reputation of her mother, who was a not-so-good witch. Her story opens after the mysterious death of her abusive husband. Kami has come to terms with her solitary existence, busying herself with running her yarn shop and taking of her two cats. (Of course, a proper witch has cats, right?). However, she didn’t bet on a bull on the run changing her quiet life. I don’t want to write anymore, but check out the short story, if you’ve a mind to.

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