Friday, April 11, 2014

Writers Groups

E. A. Black writer dark fiction and horror. Elizabeth Black writes erotica and erotic romance. You may find E. A. on her Amazon Author Page, and you may find Elizabeth at her Amazon Author Page. She is available on Facebook and Twitter as well.


I rejoined my writers group after a six month absence yesterday. I think the warm weather inspired everyone to come out of their hovels after a long, cold, snowy winter. I was joined by six women including one I had never met before. This group is women-only.

I joined a writers group for several reasons. Here are a few:

I wanted to be with other writers.

I wanted to hone my craft with the assignments I'm given.

 I wanted to get out of the house at least once per week. I tend to hole up in my apartment because I'm a hermit.

I like that this group is in the morning so my day isn't completely gone when I get out at 11 am.

I reward myself with a drive by the beaches on my way home.

I get tips and critiques from the other writers in my group when I bring in my WIPs.

The next time I go, I'm bringing a container of my homemade shortbread cookies to go with my coffee. Everyone in the group brings coffee along since I suspect we're caffeine addicts. This group is part of a larger Writers Center that offers readings and such, including an Open Mic night. I missed the last Open Mic but since it's warming up I'll make a point of going to the next one. I'll admit it feels great getting away and recharging with a writers group. It's the main reason I go, along with the social networking.


  1. I like getting together with a few writers and was for a while, until all my mother's hospital stays and treatment after that has prevented me from getting back together with them, but we still keep in touch. I wish I could go twice a month just to get away if nothing else. Have fun.

  2. Thank you, Jacque! I hope you can get back to your group someday soon.