Saturday, December 21, 2013

Here comes the sun...

Winter has come and today for Winter Solstice I have so many things to reflect on and be thankful for as I go into the new year. I've never been a winter months lover (even though I'm a winter baby) and enjoy the warmer climate of spring and summer days. Yet, this year I feel particularly grounded in the mythos of this day and eagerly await the magic of this night. 

At work we prepped for the new year with an activity that required us to list things we plan to commit to personally and professional. The accountability of the commitment is not housed soley on the individual's shoulders but the collective takes part in making sure one reaches their goals. I invite you all to take some time do the same for yourself as the night is long and dark and we wait eagerly for the sun to return to is once more.

Personal commitment activity:

1 piece of blank paper
Pens, markers and any and all crafty things you enjoy 

Fold the paper in half. On one side write, "I commit to improve personally" and on the other write, "I commit to improve professionally". Write out words, thoughts  and/or actions for both. You can decorate your paper as little or as extravagantly as you want. As this will be a tool to hold yourself accountable for what you've written the rest of the year, make sure your words are legible. Once finished put it somewhere you can see it and others as well. Be honest with yourself because magic only happens when you believe!

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