Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guest blogger Author Nikki Prince

Hello all I thought I would just introduce myself this first time.  My name is Nikki Prince and I became a author for Mocha Memoirs Press last July 2012 when they published my short story Mocha Kisses for their 31 Days of Steamy Mocha submission call.  A little bit about that later.

I'm a mother of two who developed a love for reading and writing romance at the early age of 12.  From the first moment I picked up a Mills and Boon romance (British part of Harlequin), I was hooked.

I still have the first story I started (no I didn't finish it, but perhaps one day I will) when I decided I could do it just like the authors I was reading at the time. Yep, I thought if they can do it I could do it.  Long story short through my life's journey, working, having kids, traveling etc., I was finally able to settle down long enough last year and get my first book published with Mocha Memoirs Press. It's a short story called Mocha Kisses and it's a best seller at All Romance Ebooks!

It's been an exciting ride since last July when Mocha Kisses was published.  I love the Mocha Memoirs Press family from the Publisher, the authors and to the readers.  I can expect that the reader can look for some exciting reads to come out from this Publisher!

Now let me tell you a little about Mocha Kisses.  It's a 4000 word short and it features friends turned lovers Meredith and Ronan meet up over books and latte's. Be warned this isn't a tame love's as hot as it is short!

Two mocha lattes and a pact.
Though a decade apart in age and from different ethnic backgrounds, will their mutual love of books and addiction to mocha lattes make for one evening of pleasure or something more for geeky Ronan and Meredith? 
Meri didn't think Ronan was serious about their agreement to spend time together if both were single by her thirty-fifth birthday. After all, he was still seeing that redhead when they made the pact.

Ronan worried Meri would think him too young for the kind of commitment he wanted from her. Can one chocolate-drenched encounter overcome all their obstacles and concerns?

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