Thursday, February 21, 2013

Check One, Check Two...

I've got the mic today and I'm ready to spin some of my lyrical prose...okay not really but because this is my first post of my now designated day at MMP I couldn't help being a little over the top. But for reals I'm super excited to be here and on the 21st of the month you lovely folks will be treated to the literary ramblings of moi.

I feel an introduction is in order, because as much as I believe I am the most popular woman at the party I'm sure there are some that don't know me. I, Janet Eckford, am a writer of sexy time. Be it contemporary, horror, paranormal, scifi, or whatever may catch my fancy. When you go view my backlog at MMP (which by the power of ereaders I compel you to do) it isn't hard to see. I love a good story and am always looking at ways to write one (with sexy time included of course).

Each week when it's my turn at the podium I'm going to do my best to come up with topics that showcase that love for a good story. I'm sure I'm going to be horribly inappropriate at times, my grammar will be atrocious, and there may be a general sense of debauchery at any given point BUT...hey I gotta be me.

So check one, check two...let's get this party started...

*drops mic*

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