Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Release: Secret of the Tunnel Behind Van Gogh's Ear

Mocha Memoirs Press is excited to announce the release of our latest science fiction/humor story, Secret of the Tunnel Behind Van Gogh's Ear. We're proud of our speculative titles and we invite each of you to try our stellar sf titles.

Stand-up-comedian turned restaurateur, Herman Tushman, attempts to prolong his life following a cancer diagnosis by allowing scientists to build a mysterious Creationizer machine in the basement of his Chez Pentecostal restaurant. Before the machine is completed, all scientists save one die strangely. Convinced he's next, Herman becomes hyper-vigilant, but dies anyway, perhaps murdered. Using cryptic clues Herman left behind, his computer-savvy wife, Miriam, programs the Creationizer to rebirth her husband. But the machine misfires, and Herman materializes not on earth, but inside a cyberspace video game populated by gang bangers. To rescue Herman and expose the conspirators behind his death, Miriam enlists the support of her slovenly, sexpot daughter, Rose, and Rose’s teen daughter, Popcorn. The trio confront assorted real and surreal, life-threatening challenges from oddball nasties whose connections to Herman’s life, death, and cyberspace predicament remain a mystery until the shocking end.


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