Monday, March 7, 2011

Congratulations to Janet Eckford!

We'd like to congratulate one of our amazing authors, Janet Eckford, for receiving 4.5 from Bookwenches. Here's a brief excerpt from the review. To read the entire review, go here.

"I Heart Geeks is absolutely adorable. Take some humor, a sexy Geek, a gorgeous Geek-lover, and roll it all into one, and you come up with a winner. This story grabbed me, tickled my funny bone, and made me thankful I picked this up to read. It is well-written with quirky twists that just make it fun....Ms. Eckford has done a wonderful job telling a story that is feel-good and sassy. I will be hunting down more of her work soon."--Teagan Boyd
Congratulations, Janet. We're super proud of you.

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