Monday, July 6, 2015

July Snuck Up on Me!

Did I get my June ambition met? Nope. How about you?

I got a bit of writing done, but no cleaning. That seems to be my lot in life.

Maybe this month I will do better, but don't hold your breath. Too many exciting writing things to do! Will have at least one, if not two, books debuting at ArmadilloCon at the end of the month.

Have hit and passed the two hundredth submission for the year.

But I can still be brought up short by the power of someone else's work and say "Why can't I write like that?" We can all keep learning, striving, and improving. No matter how many books we have written or submissions we have made.

I finished The Grave Tender this morning. If you haven't read it, do so at once. It is a wonderful example of craft. I had to immediately write the author an email and tell her how humble it made me feel. I want to write like that.

I know an email like that would make my day. I hope it made hers.

Then I started a book on How To Write Horror and Dark Fantasy. Not because I never have--I just finished a dark short and sent it in--but because I know I can always do it better.

If you are a writer, you can never stop learning your craft. I don't care how many publications you have under your belt, you can always do better. If you forget that, you are doing yourself an extreme disservice.

Keep writing. Keep learning. Keep growing. It keeps you young--and humble. ;)

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