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Flash Sale! 5 Titles for .99 for 5 days

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From today until Thursday, 4/10/15 11:59 EST, you can get free e-books, discounts, and of course, .99 titles to download to your Kindle, Nook, or e-reading device. We also have discounts on our print titles too!

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99 Cents Titles

The Golden Apple and Other Stories

Genre: Fantasy
Step inside a world of pure imagination, where fairytales, new and old, come to life:
§ Clickety Clackety: Jenna doesn’t quite know how to take the homeless man who keeps after her to play the name game. She’s played along, a good sport. Then one day, she invites him for a cup of coffee and unlocks her past.
§ Cinder’s Ella: Ella doesn’t know what she did to deserve multiple fairy godmothers… especially when they (almost) all get it so wrong!
§ The Golden Apple: Dulcie survived her family with the help of Goat, Bear and Fox. Now she needs their help to add a new member to the family.

Reluctant Magic

Genre: Fantasy
Former witch, Kamilah Lake has sworn off men, that is, until a handsome vet chases a runaway Longhorn bull into her backyard. Dr. Granger Hawkins is straight science, no chaser, no witchcraft, an outlook that promises Kami the normal, quiet life she seeks. But the urge to practice witchcraft and the guilt over her husband’s death remain strong.
Will her past return to shatter her present?

Drink My Soul, Please

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi
Daniscar Zenov has been a soldier longer than he was not. With the War over at last, all he wants to do is go home and marry the girl he loves. But in the war-torn future that is his reality, nothing is ever that simple…

Turbo Lift Love

Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi
Upon graduating from the cadet training academy, Janna Jameson’s career as a spaceship engineer had been bright, shiny, and full of promise. Assigned to the galaxy-class spaceship, Sirius, she’s managed to incorrectly configure the rear thrusters, burn out the food replicas in cafeteria six and manage to lose both her glove and her left boot—rookie mistakes, that Janna suspects aren’t. Nevertheless, she’s off to a rough start.
Summoned to the captain’s meeting room for a meeting that has been weeks in the making, Janna swears her day can’t get much worse, until the turbo lift comes to a shuddering halt. Janna’s not simply trapped inside of a turbo lift; she’s trapped inside the turbo lift with the one man who excite her more than a brand new stunner array—Trent Taylor.Years ago, newly promoted, junior commander, Trent Taylor, held back his love for Janna to allow her to pursue her career—a necessary choice that pained him. Finding himself locked inside a turbo lift with Janna, he’s going to take full advantage of his second chance. He wasn’t going to waste it. He hadn’t ever been wasteful. He wasn’t going to start today.


Genre: Horror
Vanessa is a vampire. She is on the hunt, and only one thing, one man can satisfy her cravings.

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FREE Title

For over a hundred years, the world has wondered whatever happened to Jack the Ripper. Could the answer be hiding in the cold Whitechapel rain?

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