Thursday, December 11, 2014

#New Release: The Golden Apple

 Mocha Memoirs Press proudly presents...

The Golden Apple 

& Other Stories 
by Wynelda Ann Deaver


Step inside a world of pure imagination, where fairytales new and old come to life: 

* Clickety Clackety: Jenna doesn’t quite know how to take the homeless man who keeps after her to play the name game. She’s played along, a good sport. Then one day, she invites him for a cup of coffee and unlocks her past. 

* Cinder’s Ella: Ella doesn’t know what she did to deserve multiple fairy godmothers… especially when they (almost) all get it so wrong! 

* The Golden Apple: Dulcie survived her family with the help of Goat, Bear and Fox. Now she needs their help to add a new member to the family. 

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About Wynelda Ann Deaver

Wynelda Ann Deaver has been writing since she learned how to read. Somehow, she survived the local university’s graduate program with her love of fantasy and romance intact. A voracious, eclectic reader she tends to write bright, funny fantasy. Although every once in a while a story will turn dark and twisty, or take place in modern times just to shake things up. Who knows, maybe someday she’ll even do a real romance. 

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