Thursday, October 9, 2014

#New Release: Death's Cafe

Mocha Memoirs Press Proudly Presents

Death’s Cafe is a compilation of five chilling, short stories set around Death’s adventures and exploits. Edited by well-known horror author, Eden Joyce, the series has launched just in time for Halloween and delivers stories guaranteed to entice readers who enjoy speculative fiction.

Each installment of Death’s Cafe is available now via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Ashes and Coffee by Sumiko Saulson

Death is stalking Berkeley, California in a sleek new jacket and snazzy checkered fedora. Insects and animals collapse in his wake. When the indigent begin to mysteriously die in the streets, the rest of the town is indifferent. Red Montgomery, a nineteen year old black homeless woman, is the only one who can see him. She feels powerless to intervene. But is she?
Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Hotel Hell by Amy Braun

While Milo searches for his missing fiancée, Kate, he stumbles across a dark hotel with even darker secrets...
Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Surrender to Destiny by Francis Gideon

Detective Inspector Sebastian Thumbs has just been promoted on the London police force when he and his partner, Joseph Atwell discover the body of a mellified man. The victim has been turned into a hive for honey--and a mechanical queen has been lodged inside his chest cavity. The case develops when both detectives realize their victim was pierced by a stinger in the back of his neck, turning him into a drone, and giving him no free will.
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The Storm by Justin Key

Confirmed bachelor Baylor has never let a woman near his heart. When his best friend Jez braves a storm to come to his store to buy a treat for his pregnant wife, he almost feels sorry for the man. But this storm is whispering horrible truths. As the rain beats down, it’s not Baylor’s heart in danger of breaking, it’s his mind.
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Who’s Life is it Anyway? by Jim Becker

Whose Life Is It Anyway? is a dark reminder that life is unscripted and that accidents happen for a reason. As Emma and Jacob Dupont celebrate eighteen years of marriage, a circus of events transpires that tests the bonds of their wedding vows. Especially the closer: Until death do they part.
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