Wednesday, July 9, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Merry Christmas!! and happy four days after the fourth

* Dancing in kitchen, putting final touches on the butter cream frosted goodness, attributes flashing of lights to storms or brown outs, can't hear the buzzer or the intercom over the tunes blaring through her head phones*

*Assistant muse storms in, the movement catches my attention and sends me leaping to the top of the refrigerator in a fighting cat pose*

* Assistant muse laughs and swipes a finger through the butter cream mocha icing on the death by chocolate cake i've been slaving over*

"you're late riley"

"and you're an a$$"

"you gonna get on the stage"

*cocks head back behind him indicated the direction i should be moving, yet i stand my ground*

"Dressed like this"  * pointing to my house shoes and kiss me i'm the cook apron, lets not discuss the hair*

"i'm just glad your dressed at all"

"i'm not going"

"Riley, you have to"

"no. i don't"

"Yes,  yes you really do."

"Fine, teleport me there. but glam me up first and bring the cake."

* lands on stage in a shimmering dolce and gabbana maxi dress and adorable strappy summer time wedges. The afro is bigger than the entire '70's and catches the light with its sheen.*

*holds cake out and sings the most soulful jazzy rendition of any happy birthday song ever sang in any language*

Its our birthday here at mmp and we hope you party with us.   as our gift to you, check out our Christmas in July special. All our Christmas themed stories can be your for just .99 cents.
And sign up for a our news letter for your chance to win a super prize bag full of goodies... as well as be able to keep up on all the latest releases!

*puckers artfully glossed lips and leans in to blow out the candles on the yummiest cake ever. listens as breaths catch. winks saucily and blows*

* house lights go down with the extinguished candles. sounds of rubber spinning out on pavement echo through the theater*

Next month I'll be on time ( i hope) But mean while don't forget to party with us.  Its our birthday and we LOVE GIVING PRIZES!

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