Thursday, June 5, 2014


I'm late in the day again, but did you ever have one of those weeks?

Tuesday, after a lovely lunch, I was heading back to my best friend's house to watch a movie when we were hit from behind. Seemed like no damage, and no one hurt...but when I got home, my husband could tell where we were hit, and I had a weird pain. So, today--since it hadn't gone away--it was to the doctor's to make sure it was okay and X-rays, and...yeah.

So, that's my excuse this month. But enough about that.

Have you sent me a Steampunk Pirate story yet? Probably not, because I have only seen two so far. What are you waiting for? Wow me with your Airship derring-do. Here are the guidelines again. You still have plenty of time, but I wouldn't wait to the last minute either. ;)

I must admit, I can think of nothing momentous to say today. I promise next month will be better!

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